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The Union Station is a stage in Street Fighter V. The battle takes place in the ticket hall of a busy train station in central London.


  • The steam engine in the background of the stage is a LB&SCR E2 class tank locomotive. With its shared type and very similar livery, it appears to be a reference to the well-known British children's book and television character Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • The station's architecture appears to be modeled on that of the King's Cross and St. Pancras International railway stations in Central London. Additionally, the station clock in the middle of the stage is modelled after the one outside London Victoria station, aka "Little Ben."
  • Cody, Guy, Mike Haggar, and Maki can be seen in the banner in the top left of the stage.[1]
  • The banner seen on the left of the stage shows Eisbahn, a character from the game Otoranger.[2]

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