The United Nations (国際連合 Kokusai Rengō?, UN) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict. The United Nations has a small role in the Street Fighter series as an enemy of Shadaloo.


UN Soldier

UN soldier in Street Fighter V.

Some soldiers from the United Nations appear in the Lair of the Four Kings stage in Street Fighter V. They wear "M (Muscle) Series" Strengthening Suits, which enhances the power of the wearer. Some suits also have flight ability. They are active in war and disaster areas.[1]

Coalition SoldiersEdit

Equipment: Strengthening Suit "M-03", Twin Machine Gun, relief goggles, safety boots[1]

Duties: Security, peace keeping activities[1]

Techniques: Machine Gun Rapid Fire (マシンガン連射?), Peace Keeping Claw (治安維持クロー?)[1]

Coalition Heavy InfantryEdit

UN Heavy Infantry

Union Heavy Infantry in Street Fighter V.

Equipment: Strengthening Suit "M-05S", Twin Fire Blaster, super relief goggles, jetpack[1]

Duties: Security, peace keeping activities, disaster relief[1]

Techniques: Flamethrower (火炎放射?), Peace Keeping Knuckle (治安維持ナックル?), Body Blow (体当たり?)[1]

Boarding Robot "Asterios"Edit

Boarding Robot Asterios

Asterios in Street Fighter V.

The Boarding Robot "Asterios" (搭乗型ロボ「アステリオス」?) is a state-of-the-art machine made of steel and carbon fiber reinforced plastic. This single seater robot has 8m and weights 5.2t. The Kanzuki Zaibatsu was involved in their manufacturing.[1]

Equipment: Antitank Missile, Twin Fire Blaster, Twin Machine Gun, Winch[1]

Duties: Security, peace keeping activities, disaster relief, riot control[1]

Techniques: Flamethrower, Machine Gun Rapid Fire, Peace Keeping Strike (治安維持ストライク?), Super Body Blow (超体当たり?)[1]

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