This is a list of quotes used by Urien.

Street Fighter III seriesEdit

Street Fighter III: 2nd ImpactEdit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "I will not forgive anyone who tries to oppose me!"
  • "Writhe in agony! Your body shows the anguish of defeat!"
  • "Scream! Cry out! Suffer to your heart's content!"
  • "I am the real emperor! I have no reason to lose!"
  • "My anger will calm only when I am proven to be the true Emperor!"
  • "Traitor! Devote yourself to the ruler and repent your sin!"
  • "I rule the world! Anybody who challenges me shall be eliminated!"

Super Arts Quotes Edit

Tyrant SlaughterEdit
  • "My body is as hard as iron! My ultimate attack mashes like a cannonball!"
  • "I have finished you! Stand against me, and be destroyed."
Temporal ThunderEdit
  • "My enormous power is inescapable!"
  • "Feel the spirit of the true Emperor! Suffer now in your surrender!"
Aegis ReflectorEdit
  • "Can't you see how pathetic your attacks are!"
  • "My perfect guard! Nobody can break it!"

Character-specific winquotesEdit

  • "Brother! Your existence is a sin! You must be destroyed!"
  • "You're annoying, and a failure... Get out of my way!!"
  • "You don't understand my sacred thoughts! Go and hide somewhere as you did before!"

Boss Dialogues Edit

Mid Boss: AlexEdit
  • Alex: "You know a man named Tom, don't you?"
  • Urien: "What was that?! Never mention that name around me!"
Final Boss: GillEdit
  • Urien: "This world is mine brother.... There can only be one emperor!"
  • Gill: "Not by your dark power. This world has already chosen me."

Street Fighter III: 3rd StrikeEdit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "How can you refuse to bow to a superior being?"
  • "How dost thou suck? Let me count thy wounds! 1,2,3..."
  • "Look! Your cells have betrayed you to serve me!"
  • "Pounding on you is satisfying, but I need something more..."
  • "Your inferior vital fluids are tainting the ground! Clean it up!"
  • "Lie there as long as you want. I've had my fun with you."
  • "That's right... kneel before me! How do you like the view now?!"
  • "You are not even worthy enough to do my bidding! Be gone!"

Boss Battle: GillEdit

  • Gill: "I understand your jealousy. There is a huge gap between humans and a god. You cannot forgive me because you cannot deny me. Let me grant you your death as a show of mercy from your brother!"
  • Urien: "When I look into the past, I see dishonor and hatred. When I look into the future, I am free from the corruption. How glorious it is... A world without you!"

Capcom Fighting EvolutionEdit

  • "Fool! Respect and such from the people is of no use for a reign!"
  • "To explain that only one person is for the sovereign path eh! How stupid!"
  • "I want submissive ones! Needless for two arms three arms and so forth!"
  • "Secret information? Ridiculous! The likes of an enemy you ought to search is already non-existent!"
  • "Ridiculed any rate your eyes are a displeasure!"

Street Fighter VEdit

Character Selection Edit

  • "Kneel before me when in my presence!"
  • "I'll erase you!" (Survival)
  • "Hmph. I can do child's play once in a while." (Story Mode)

Other Edit

  • "Take this!"
  • "Imbecile!"
  • "Bastard!"

Intro Edit

  • "Don't worry. I'll end you quickly."
  • "Foolish worm." (He destroys his clothes during this intro by hold)
  • "You pathetic insect!" (Secret intro)
  • "Just the right time. I was growing bored." (Training Mode)

Taunt Edit

  • "This has become tedious!"

Throws Edit

  • "Prostrate!" (Throw)
  • "Hahahaha!!" (Back-throw)
  • "Predictable!" (Throw Escape)

V-Skill Activation Edit

  • "I'll savor this!"

V-Trigger Activation Edit

  • "Aegis Reflector!"
  • "Be afraid!"
  • "Meaningless!"

Metallic Sphere Edit

  • "Now die!" (Light)
  • "Begone!" (Medium)
  • "Trivial..." (High)
  • "Tremble!" (Fully-charged Light)
  • "Expire..." (Fully-charged Medium)
  • "Fall down!" (Fully-charged High)
  • "You end here!" (Light EX)
  • "All for naught!" (Medium EX)
  • "Fall to ash!" (High EX)
  • "Die!!" (Fully-charged Light EX)
  • "Kill!!" (Fully-charged Medium EX)
  • "Destroy!!" (Fully-charged High EX)

Chariot Tackle Edit

  • "Begone!" (Light)
  • "How's this?!" (Medium)
  • "Perish!" (High)
  • "You will shatter!" (EX)

Violence Knee Drop Edit

  • "Crush you!" (Light)
  • "Erupt!" (Medium)
  • "You can't run!" (High)
  • "A foul sight!" (EX)

Dangerous Headbutt Edit

  • "Too slow!" (Light)
  • "Vermin!" (Medium)
  • "Hmph!" (High)
  • "HAHA!" (EX)

Critical Art Activation Edit

  • "Bear witness! Heaven and Earth tremble!"

Round Victory Edit

  • "A foolish insect that dares to defy me!"
  • "How irritating!" (with 20% health or less)

K.O. Edit

  • "It can't be..."
  • "Uaaaaaghhh!"

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "Kneel before me! For I am your King!"
  • "Bow down! Or I will make you surrender!"
  • "A world under my control has no need of weaklings like you!"
  • "Fighting clowns like you is a big waste of time!"
  • "Imbecile maggot!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "I'll forgive your insolence by taking that body of yours."
  • "If you value your life at all, I suggest you get out of my sight."
  • "Let me teach you something: Your naivety will be the death of you!"
  • "A fool knows only foolery! You shall rot away right here!"
  • "You are nothing more than a pig. Repent of your foolishness after you die."
  • "I show no mercy to vile creatures such as you."
  • "The weak protecting the weak... Your arrogance is astonishing!"
  • "The governance of the ignorant has no bearing on me! I am reason itself!"
  • "Consider this your punishment, you cretin."
  • "Believe in me, not your gods, for I have transcended them all!"
  • "Insolent pest! You have no business even being in my presence!"
  • "I am the only one you should worship! There is nothing else!"
  • "Losers have always faded away. Foolish armies and foolish soldiers alike!"
  • "In over your head, little rat? Such disrespect will not be forgiven!"
  • "Imbecile! I am the chosen king! Did you think I would rise to the provocations of a minnow like you?"
  • "Only a fool writhes in the anguish of defeat! My victory was destined!"
  • "Do not be so pretentious! Your electricity belongs in my hands."
  • "I never fail. Do not compare a peasant like yourself to me!"
  • "You have the nerve to try and tell me about the future?! That is for me to decide, you impudent whelp!"
  • "Filthy, ignorant aberration! You will only ever taste defeat!"
  • "You refuse to follow me, freak of nature. Slither back into your dark abyss!"
  • "Do not wail, little one. You should watch your mouth in the presence of the king."
  • "You dare show such insolence to me! Such a crime is punishable by death!"
  • "What is there to be hesitant about? All you need to do is obey me!"
  • "That a fool like you even tries to speak of appearances is laughable!"
  • "My body is perfection! You are merely a useless lump of meat!"
  • "You dared challenge me with such frivolous techniques? Your foolishness is absurd!"