Allright here for deal, we can be see the September 2016 what could be, new or return character? Somewhere became the 2017 when Gill return. Have some 18 characters to grow 40 characters arrived soon enough.


  1. Ingrid (January 2017)
  2. Rufus (Febuary 2017)
  3. Akuma (March 2017)
  4. Makoto and Twelve (April 2017)
  5. Gill (May 2017)
  6. Mike Haggar (June 2017) (the legendary of Final Fight character) (new character)
  7. Abel and C. Viper (July 2017)
  8. Blanka & Fei Long (August 2017)
  9. Dennis McTurner (September 2017) (the freaking evil clown)
  10. E. Honda and Hugo (October 2017)
  11. Yun, Yang and John Wirt (November 2017) (the mech face to face)
  12. Q (December 2017)


  1. The Pitstop 109
  2. Blast Furnace
  3. The Half Pipe
  4. Mad Gear Hideout
  5. Cosmic Elevator
  6. Jurassic Era Research Facility
  7. Kousyu Street
  8. Suzaku Castle
  9. The Dojo of Rindo-Kan
  10. Illuminati Temple

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