• BlazeSeed366

    I just play this game whe we had a PSone way back in my youth.

    Here are the disguise forms seen in the game.

    Street Fighter

    Ken Masters

    • Soccer Player
    • Cowboy with a horse
    • His Casual outfit (became his second alternate costume in SFV)
    • Weapons:The Street Sign, a 100 ton of mallet and an iron spiked rod


    • dressed as Jill Valentine wielding a handgun, a large rifle and a rocket launcher
    • a school girl wields a golf club and a love letter
    • Cheerleader
    • Circus Performer


    • a blue one-piece suit wielding a baseball bat and a towel
    • a traditional Japanese attire wielding a naginata
    • Tennis Player
    • Casino Girl/Performer
    • Weapons: A scooter, a yellow umbrella (During Shouuken and Midare Zakura)


    • Kendo student
    • Japanese Marker
    • Bushido (During Mighty Combo)
    • Tradition…
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