I've recently found SFIII:The Twin Dragons in Manga chinese text version from many years ago. And the pages and the covers are originally drew by CAPCOM based from Ryu Final. I've seen Allen and Kairi were crossover and from what I saw was Allen Snider perform his Fire Force on his challenger(None SF characters). Allen like's to perform Soul Force and Justice Fist(Rising Dragon didn't shown in the manga) for his flawless victory and Allen is definitely looks very cool in the page and it was a very unforgetable from how Capcom drew Allen's character was the very same looking between the first artwork based from Arika. Kairi is also alongside with Allen, but most of his skills are based from bare handed style such as Punches and Kickers, but yet he didn't perform his fireball in Manga somehow. Both Yun and Yang accept their challenge in Tag Team match, but at the end the battle draw and the result of their time is over. This Manga is still very rare and I was still look for it in every shop, but not even one can be found. Most of the rare manga's such as Soulcalibur that I found in 5 volume and this comic consider to be very rare the most.User_talk:Ericard 14:32, November 8, 2010 (UTC)

Street Fighter III: The Twin Dragon (Manga)

Street Fighter III: The Twin Dragon (Manga)

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