• General Awesomo

    As some of you may know, the Alpha series' Guard Crush is hinted to return in Street Fighter V.

    I don't agree with Guard Crush in Street Fighter V. Some characters, like Vega, have to block opposing pressure. They don't have invincible reversals.

    Say, for example, you are correctly blocking all your opponents pressure. But you are being punished for blocking correctly because GUARD CRUSH. You are at the limits of your Guard Power Gauge, they knock you down, and perform an EX Shoryuken or something similar on your wakeup. That's free chip and Guard Meter. All this because of GUARD CRUSH.

    On an unrelated note, and hopefully Vega makes it in, I hope he doesn't retain that stupid lose your claw/mask crap, or at least not lose it when you're blocking.…

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  • General Awesomo

    Street Fighter V will be the fifth entry in the Street Fighter series, following the events shortly after the Street Fighter III series. It will be available for the Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation 4. Street Fighter V features 59 returning characters; there are also 3 new fighters and 17 characters who are available as downloadable content. The playable sub-bosses, Gill, Helly, and then the final boss, Abyss (taking Gill's place as the leader of the Illuminati), are in the final stage of Story Mode.

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    Battle System from Street Fighter X Tekken…

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