Street Fighter V will be the fifth entry in the Street Fighter series, following the events shortly after the Street Fighter III series. It will be available for the Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation 4. Street Fighter V features 59 returning characters; there are also 3 new fighters and 17 characters who are available as downloadable content. The playable sub-bosses, Gill, Helly, and then the final boss, Abyss (taking Gill's place as the leader of the Illuminati), are in the final stage of Story Mode.


  • Street Arcade
  • Street Versus
  • Street Skill Editor
  • Street Ace Move Editor (DLC)
  • Street Story
  • Street Customs
  • Street Online
  • Street Shop
  • Street Dojo
  • Street Options
  • Street Extras
  • Street Content

Battle System

Battle System from Street Fighter X Tekken (Team and Group Battle).

Create Menu

  • Color Editor (like SFxT)
  • Create Street Fighter (new)

List of Characters

Returning characters


  • Gill (can be unlocked and playable in Arcade, Versus, Training, Tag Team, and Online modes after beating him on the Hard difficulty in Story Mode)
  • Helly - The 2nd Sub-boss, a flaming, fire, demon and Abyss's younger brother. He learned all the fighters moves from is older brother, Abyss. (can be unlocked after beating him on the Very Hard difficulty in Story Mode)

Guest Characters

The New Generation of Fighters

  • Volt Shunonaki: A blind child prodigy who has been a master swordsman for the months that have passed. He sets on a quest to find the one and only Ryu and battle him once and for all! (CV: Mayumi Tanaka)
  • Gore: A humanoid-like creature with a savage appearance, but an overall gentle heart. He knows the Illuminati are the ones who created this incident and must kill them before they enslave those not in the organization. He has a white scar coming from his right eye that was part of the incident. (CV: Unsho Ishizuka)
  • Alice & Bluud: Two companions that are inseperable. Alice is a teenage Dhampir with no real self-confidence and strong emotions, and Bluud is, of course, a vampiric demon that has DNA similar to that of Necro, albeit a bit more bulkier and darker in color. (CV: Isshin Chiba - Bluud; Nana Mizuki - Alice)

Final boss

  • Abyss: Helly older brother, the true leader and brains of the Illuminati, And having been abandoned from the organization for many years. He has a need for violence and war, and could care less about Gill's sympathy, as shown when nearly killing him after you defeat the former as a sub-boss. Abyss is actually a intellectual being from Hell, having absorbed and learned all of the fighter's moves while watching their every move! (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi)

DLC content

Console Exclusive


Blog Creator's Note

I really thought the soundtrack to the Street Fighter IV series sucked. In addition, I think the 3D character models sucked as well, which is another reason why I want this possible Street Fighter idea to stay with 2D sprites.

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