• Kombatgod

    (note that I made this image fusing two different rips of the stage, so there are some inaccurances)

    Rebember it? Yeah, that stage with all those Capcom cameos! There are Morrigan, Felicia and other Bikini girls, a bunch of guys in glasses and a pair of ninjas, so cool... Okay, I wanted to make a page about this stage, but first we need to figure out who are all these people. I tried my best and I figured most of them, the only ones I still don't know are the bunny-eared bikini waitress, the yellow dressed girl on the left and the waiter on the right... But that probably is just a waiter. Could someone help me out?

    About the other ones, here's everybody, from right to left (I wanted to start from right, ok?): Pure (sometimes called Purr) fro…

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