• Lord Grammaticus


    October 14, 2011 by Lord Grammaticus

    Feels like it's been longer than two weeks.

    Anyway, I just wanna discuss a bunch of somethins' that I got on my mind.

    1) Underrated characters.

    Name who ya think they are, why you think they are, etc.

    2) Overrated characters.

    See above.

    3) Characters that need more love.

    While this may run somewhat close to 1, it is possible for the two to occur independently of each other.


    4) Ideas for new Super Combos or whatever for existing characters.

    With details, preferably.

    5) What they should've done.

    Basically, where did you think Capcom effed up, and how would you fix it?

    I'm bored and curious, so why not?

    Shoot away.

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