Mario & Sonic : Team Red and Blue

Street Fighter X Tekken: Team Nintendo 3DS Exclusives

Team Story:------------------------------ "The entire planet was curious as to what would be the provenance such a Pandora's Box that fell in the Antarctica and caused war between Shadaloo and Mishima Zaibatsu, all kinds of press has presented the news of the phenomenon, even on a parallel reality, to be more exact, in a place called Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, the hero known from this land, saw this news on TV and got worried about what kind of power this box can offer..." Mario:" Oh, I'm thinking.. and if this will stop my favourite Olympic games." "...and so, Little Red Plumber started his Journey to the Real World and he was joint by his ex-rival Sonic, who will also help him to socialize reality nowadays." Sonic: Heh, leave this to me! but I'm not sure if this will work very well, you can really follow my steps, Mario? "even facing the differences, Mario and Sonic go on the way to the South Pole, so they can stop war between two megacorporations and make IOC not cancel London 2012." Mario: I hope-a that this be the right-a thing to do!

Mario Moveset:------------------------------

Moves List:

Fire Ball (down and 90° counter-clockwise + Punch) [same command in the air]

Mario Tornado (back, forward + Punch) [same command in the air]

Super Jump Punch (forward, back and forward + Punch) [same command in the air]

Cape Attack (down and 90° clockwise+ Punch or Kick) [if you will press Punch or Kick longer, attack will be stronger]

Ground Pound (down + M. Kick) [only in the air]

FLUDD attack (back, down and back + Kick) [and continue pressing "Kick button" until the water ends]

Super Arts:

Mario Finale (down and 90° counter-clockwise 2x + Double Punch)

Cross Art: Mario go to running for close the opponent and start to hit him with most of your Power Ups from his games, and in the last attack he do a big uppercut (like a Shoryuken) with his hand growed, throwing the opponent to his partner.

Entrance Line:

"It's a me! Mario!"

First-Hit Line:

"What do you think-a to try a few punches of spaghetti?!"

Last-Hit Line:

"Woohoo! Mario won this time!"

Round Victory Lines:

  1. 1: You need-a to "do the Mario", hihi!
  1. 2: Yeah! Mario is number-a one!

Pandora Activation: This is more powerful than the Super Star!

Pandora Sacrifice: Mamma Mia.....

Taunt: Wahoo!

Fight Victory:

"This was a amazing fight!" Victory Texts:

Vs. Ryu: "Ooh, you're a great-a fighter-a, Paisano! I loved how you can throw this blue energy balls! I wish do that!"

Vs. Ken: "You're not a bad-a fighter! I wonder if I can combine my Super-a Jump Punch with a Fire-a Flower for do a burning uppercut like yours."

Vs. Chun-Li: "Oh, I really feel sorry for beat a lady... I hope you're not sad with me.…"

Vs. Cammy: "I don't know why some dedicated-a ladies like you are doing-a in a dangerous place like this. Please forgive me if I hurt-a you."

Vs. Guile: "You're determined, and a hero of your-a country, Was amazing fight-a you!"

Vs. Abel: "Sorry, but I can't help-a you with your memories... even if I was wearing my Doctor clothes, I couldn't know how to deal with amnesia, I just tract chill or fever."

Vs. Dhalsim: "Oh, strange, your arms are like-a rubber-a ... is like a Yoshi's tongue!".

Vs. Sagat: "You're really a king-a?, so, you know some people of royalty .... You've heard about-a Princess Peach?"

Vs. Zangief: "You are so big-a and strong-a, you really seems like a old-a rival mine from the jungle!"

Vs. Rufus: "Hey, Paisano, you talk a lot! Maybe you can eat some pasta and fill your mouth while you chewing it, what do you think?"

Vs. Poison: "I usually don't feel-a very well when I fight-a with ladies, but this time was very strange because you seems-a a man fighting!..."

Vs. Hugo: "Mamma Mia!, you are giant-a, you took a Mega Mushroom?"

Vs. Rolento: "Are you a good-a commander, if Bowser was as you to command-a his Koopa Tropas, the Mushroom Kingdom could-a have problems!"

Vs. Ibuki: "Hoho, I feel-a sorry for beat-a you, but if you go home now, maybe you still can find-a a good boyfriend-a for you! Good Luck!"

Vs. Vega: "You use a mask-a for dont hurt-a your face? Now I know why Shy Guys uses one too!"

Vs. Balrog: "Oh money is so important-a in nowadays here? in Mushroom Kingdom is not so important-a, we can find-a a coin in almost all blocks!"

Vs. M.Bison: "Villains like-a you never desists, is not? Every time when villains falls in the lava, they always survives, this makes me-a tired."

Vs. Juri: "Oh Lady, you're wild like a Pum-Pum! and-a happened with your eye? Can I help-a you?!."

Vs. Akuma: "By my mustaches! You're very strong-a, and your dark-a power scares me a lot!!"

Vs. Sakura: "What a schoolgirl is doing-a here? Hurry back-a for your home little girl, your mother-a should be worried!"

Vs. Blanka: "Oh what-a kind-a of Power Up you took for use this eletric-a powers?"

Vs. Cody: "Hey, you escaped from the prison? This is not good-a, Paisano! if you have something to pay for the law, is better you back!"

Vs. Guy: "Why this "profound sadness", Paisano? The life is like a giant-a plate of pasta!"

Vs. Dudley: "Is very good-a to meet some gentlemen in this tournament-a, to change a bit, hihi!"

Vs. Elena: "Amazing moves you have-a Lady! This is like a awesome dance!"

Vs. Kazuya: "You're the bad-a ones I've heard-a to talk,.... people like you don't know when stop-a!".

Vs. Nina: "For my Mamma! You're not a normal, lady... you need-a to be more delicate!"

Vs. Asuka: "Hey girl, calm-a down please, you're a few stressed-a! You want-a some spaghetti?"

Vs. Lili: "You thinks too much-a about-a yourself, little girl! If you love the next-a will be much happier!"

Vs. Jin: "Uh, you have problems of split-a personality, Paisano?"

Vs. Xiaoyu: "Ooh, is so beautiful see how you love someone, this a amazing feeling-a! I always remember a Princess when I see couples in love...oh Mamma Mia..."

Vs. Heihachi: "Hihi! I really want-a to get at your age with-a the same provision for continues fighting!"

Vs. Kuma: "I was thinking.... you is not a friend-a of Donkey Kong?"

Vs. Yoshimitsu: "You know, I have a brother-a that loves green! I bet he'd like to see the color of your sword-a!"

Vs. Raven: "So serious.... I wonder-a why... Hmmm"

Vs. Paul: "The most powerful of the universe? Really? Amazing! I hope that you can help-a me when I go to save the Galaxies!"

Vs. Law: "Another-a speaking of Money? Oh Mamma Mia... okay, if I find-a a good Question Block, you can get-a 10 coins inside!"

Vs. Hwoarang: "Hoh! I need-a to be more careful, you're pretty smart-a... I almost lost this!"

Vs. Steve: "Really fast-a, I have to admit, Paisano! But thankfully I trained-a boxing a little in the past!"

Vs. King: "Mamma Mia, where you got this jaguar mask-a? Is a new specie of Power Up?"

Vs. Marduk: "Why all this muscles? This can be difficult-a for you to jump-a! And that's too bad!"

Vs. Julia: "Nature is something-a that really needs to be preserved-a! I agree with-a you!"

Vs. Bob: "Hey Paisano, I see that you exaggerated in the pasta, huh?"

Vs. Ogre: "Oh, I know that in my world-a there's a lot-a of different species, but I never saw someone like you!"

Vs. Lars: "Woah! Where you found-a a Volt Shroom? please, tell me, this can be useful-a for me in this tournament-a!"

Vs. Alisa: "You're really a robot-a? I don't know if it's okay fight-a a robot-a that seems a sweet-a girl like you..."

Vs. Bryan: "Hey Paisano, calm down, if you don't be calm I'll jump-a in your head!"

Vs. Jack-X: "Mamma Mia! This robot-a is crazy!"

Vs. Christie: "Ooh, Mama... what a beautiful ravioli-a is you, Lady.... and how dance well!"

Vs. Lei: "You like to fight-a for justice, Paisano! We are equals, waha!"

Vs. MegaMan: "Hmm, you has the same name of a good old-a friend mine, but you don't looks like him, anyway."

Vs. Pac-Man: "Oh, it's-a Pac-man! Is awesome re-meet good-a friends!"

Vs. Sonic: "That was great, Sonic, maybe, we'll have fun next time in London."

Vs. Self: "Mamma Mia! Luigi, Are you alright-e!?"

Defeat Quotes

Ryu: "Sorry, Mario, I'd like to join next Super Smash Bros., but I've already had crossover with Marvel."

(add Street Fighter characters quotes here)

Kazuya: "What a waste of time to fight wimpy children, like you! Join G-Corp or you'll dead!!!"

(add Tekken characters quotes here)

MegaMan: "Whoa! Mario, What are you doing here? Is Koopa attacking Earth?"

Sonic:(see in Sonic's winquote vs. Mario)

Sonic Moveset:------------------------------

Moves List:

Spin Dash (180º forward + Punch) [press the "Punch Button" for charge the attack]

Homing Attack (Back and forward + Punch) [after the first hit, Sonic will do a acrobatics in the air, you can hit the opponent more than 3 times while he makes this move, pressing again the "Kick Button", if the target of the attack is still present on your opponent.] [air]: (180º back + punch)

Insta Shield (180º forward + kick) [only in the air]

Quick Step (Forward 2x + Kick)

Quick Street Dance (180º back + Kick)

Sonic Wave (360º Spin + Kick)

Super Art:

The Blue Blur (back, forward and back + Triple Kick)

Cross Art: Sonic prepares a Spin Dash and goes to hit the opponent very fast, while he are beating with his rolling attack he also pushes the opponent forward a bit. Then, after he finishes to spinning he kicks the opponent up, and runs the attack "Blast Wave" from Sonic Heroes, finishing this with a kick in the opponent's backs throwing it for your partner.

Entrance Line:

"Faster than the speed sound!"

First Hit Line:

  1. 1: "What's up? I'm too fast for you?!"
  1. 2: "I'm over here, your turtle! heh!"

Last-Hit Line:

  1. 1: "Okay, this was the Sonic style!"

Round-Victory Lines:

"Don't worry about it, mate! We know who will win this!"

"Sorry, but you did something?, I didn't feel nothing!"

Pandora Activation: Now I'll show you!

Pandora Sacrifice: What....the....ugh

Taunt: You're too slow!

Fight Victory Line:

"Way past cool!"

Victory Texts:

Vs. Ryu: "Strong and smart, but too slow yet!"

Vs. Ken: "More faster than the last, I must admit... but, not like the Hedgehog!"

Vs. Chun-Li "With this quick kicks you could be so fast like me, just need training!"

Vs. Cammy: "Wow! The fastest girl I've already seen!, if Amy was like you, she could get me!"

Vs. Guile: "Sonic Boom? Do you by chance asked permission for me to name your blow this way?"

Vs. Abel: "You don't remember who are you? You seems my old friend Chip talking!"

Vs. Dhalsim: "Ouch, stretch the body in this way must hurt a little, huh?"

Vs. Sagat: "King? pff, nobody is better than the king of speed, bro!"

Vs. Zangief: "Hey big guy, be careful with this slow steps, if you dont want to eat my dust!"

Vs. Rufus: "Man, Shut up, ...really, I dont care who is this such of Ken Masters,...I'm not him!"

Vs. Poison: "Hey....I won't fall in your traps, your faker!"

Vs. Hugo: "You know what the people bigger the guy, greater the fall"

Vs. Rolento: "Your soldiers can obey yours orders, but not this Hedgehog!"

Vs. Ibuki: "Hey, girl, nice moves! And nice speed too, if you train a lot you can do a Spin Dash!"

Vs. Vega: "What the?.... beauty? Dude, wake up! You don't have any!"

Vs. Balrog: "Oh, just more one with a hot head.... You really seems Knuckles...*sigh*"

Vs. M.Bison: "Hey dude, don't mess with me, no super villain can stop me!"

Vs. Juri: "Phew, I thought this weird girl never would be knocked down!"

Vs. Akuma: "The Demon of Iron Fists? okay,...seems more like the Demon of slow fists!"

Vs. Sakura: "Hey girl, better you go home, this place is very dangerous for you!"

Vs. Blanka: "You have nice spin moves, dude! But you're very wild yet!"

Vs. Cody: "Dude, I saw both you yawn that it make me want to sleep! I think I'll lie down and take a nap!"

Vs. Guy: "I saw so much potential in you, is a pity that you don't was capable of follow me"

Vs. Dudley: "With all education, Sir. You're very boring..."

Vs. Elena: "Sorry girl, but I don't want to dance, these feet was made to run!"

Vs. Kazuya: "Metal Sonic can shoot lasers of eyes like you,.... I wonder if you are a robot too"

Vs. Nina: "Oh, sorry blonde, but this is not a place to amateurs!"

Vs. Jin: "Devil Gene, man? Wow... this seems like the time when I turned to Dark Super Sonic, and is not cool!"

Vs. Xiaoyu: "Hey, better you think before to try to make me a pet! I'm free!"

Vs. Asuka: "Heh, your way of thinking is very close to my, but there is only a place for a champion here!"

Vs. Lili: "You're a boring preppy girl! It is much worse than Amy!"

Vs. Heihachi: "I don't know, but people of your age, at this hour, should not be sleeping?"

Vs. Kuma: "Hey, guy, repeat with me: "I-am-a-big-slow-bear"...."

Vs. Yoshimitsu: "Whats is wrong with your face? I hit it so strong?"

Vs. Raven: "Where you learned to do the "Quick Step?""

Vs. Paul: "Strongest of the universe? My feet on your face!"

Vs. Law: "You know that money makes people bad, is not it?"

Vs. Hwoarang: "Finishes me with one strike?... sorry, I didn't see anything special...."

Vs. Steve: "One, two, three, and now you're on the ground!"

Vs. King: "What is this Jaguar's Mask? You don't like the people will looking in your eyes, dude?"

Vs. Marduk: "only brain"

Vs. Julia: "Nature always be thankful for people like you, girl. Trust me, I know!"

Vs. Bob: "Seems that someone here ate a lot of Chili Dogs, heh!"

Vs. Ogre: "very strong...but you know... green is not the color of the winners... Blue is the lucky one!"

Vs. MegaMan: "Hey man, blue is a cool color! but you could stop with the hamburgers huh?"

Vs. Pac-Man: "Dude, smile is very good, but during all the time this can be very scaring, you know?"

Vs. Lars: "Nice hair, guy!"

Vs. Alisa: "you know, of all the robots I've ever faced, you're the only one with such beauty, I have to say!"

Vs. Bryan: "Woah cowboy, stays here on the ground and calms down...I'm not here to talk crazy people!"

Vs. Jack-X: "Nothing very different of Eggman's ones..."

Vs. Christie: "You have a good rhythm! But can follow me in my steps?"

Vs. Lei: "You have good intentions, dude, but to arrest some bad guys have to be faster."

Vs. Self: "I found you, faker!"

Vs. Mario: "Nice job, but you're still be too slow!"

Defeat Quotes

Ryu: "You're the fastest challenger I've ever seen, but you should improve your strenght and intelligence and defeat my Shenglong!"

(Add Street Fighter characters' quotes here)

Kazuya:"Only speed and no brain! You made your friends organize your funeral easily!"

(Add Tekken characters' winquotes here)

MegaMan:"Sonic! How did you grow so fast? Have you married Princess Sally Acorn?"

Mario & Sonic Lines:------------------------------

Team Entrance:

Mario: (Mario jumps on the screen, spins once when he lands at ground, and make the classic "V" with him fingers) Face the power of the plumber!!

Sonic: and the speed of the Hedgehog!…(comes running from the back of screen and he brakes of the side of Mario)

Mario & Sonic together: Hope you're ready! (they make a pose of fight together)

Rival Battle Scene:------------------------------

Tekken Rivals:Heihachi Mishima & Kuma

Stage: The Half Pipe

(Sonic appears first on the screen, running to the path of stage, far ahead of Mario, then he looks back to make a comment to his friend-rival plumber.)

Sonic: Hey Mario, if you can't follow me, I'll have to leave you to back!

(Mario, so, running as he can, says for Sonic, far of him)

Mario: Hmpf! Wait-a Sonic, don't be rude!

(Sonic, still running and looking back collides with something and falls on the ground)

Sonic: Ouch!

(Mario reaches close to Sonic in slow steps, and tells him)

Mario: Are you alright?, This is for-a you to learn-a to look-a ahead when you're running.

(after Sonic recover from the blow, both look forward and get surprised to see a huge bear in them front, while Kuma turns the face for the direction of the two mascots)

Mario & Sonic: WHOA!

Sonic (standing): What the...

Mario: It's a bear!

Sonic: I'm seeing! (then, walks two steps forward and says) Hey Big Guy! Get out of the our way, if you dont want to get hurt today!

Kuma (makes some gestures and growls): (What's this blue porcupine is talking?!)

Mario: Ahm, Sonic, seems that he can't talk-a...

Sonic: how this is possible? every animal can talk!...

(Heihachi, comes with the cross arms walking from the back of Kuma)

Heihachi: Humpf, what kind of strange fighters we have here? A plumber quietly and a rat! This is a joke?

Sonic: OH MAN! I'm a Hedgehog!!

Mario: Hey, old-a man! Don't judge me by my size-a, I'm-a super! I'm-a Super Mario!

Heihachi: Super? I don't see anything Super in you! And who are you calling old? You don't look too young either!

Mario: What you talking about-a?! I'm only 25!

Sonic: WHAT?!! (Shocked looking to Mario)

Heihachi: I don't care, if you are looking for pandora, you two will face us, and so your journey ends here! (makes a fight position with Kuma)

Sonic: uh... you, and the bear?

Mario (looking for Sonic): Okay, we can do this together-a, Sonic! If we work-a like a team, we can win any battle!

Sonic: Yeah, we can do it! And we've hit on guys much bigger than these two!! Let's go! (the M&S team, so, makes the battle position)

Street Fighter Rivals: Poison Kiss and Hugo Andore

Stage: The Pitstop 109

(Sonic runs towards Mario and stops, when his belly rumbles. Mario bumps into his back and says ouch due to pain, brought by quills)

Mario: Be careful-e, amigo, when you are stanging-e.

Sonic: Chinese medicine is helpful to you. Also, after surprisingly long, but fast battles I want to eat. Have you bro something left from our food reserve?

Mario: Scusate, I have only one pasta box-a. I bought-a it for $0.99. Golden coin from a Mushroom Kingdom in real-a world is rated-a as one zinc penny-a so I wasted-a all ten dollars.

Sonic: Nevermind. I will eat it anyway.

Mario: But I'm hungry too and here is only one plastic fork-a.

Sonic: I will eat it first and fast and later I will share it with you.

Mario: Okiedokie!

(Poison and her parther Hugo watch them eating pasta)

Poison: I know these men. They are famous in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, that features fictional wrestlers from different franchises of Nintendo. How did they get to Earth, I dunno. But we must fight them any cost to reach Pandora.

Hugo: Great idea, Poison! I will increase my rating.

Poison: C'mon, baby.(And she comes to heroes with Hugo)

(Sonic burps after eating his part of pasta)

(When heroes have eaten pasta and have thrown box in trash bin, not looking at it Poison comes to hedgehog)

Sonic: Excuse me, lady, I need to ask you. How to get to south pole. We need to save Olympics.

Poison: I can help you, but I want Pandora too! I want to have such fame! Stand off, runt!

Sonic: (to Mario)O, gosh. We must run outta here!

Mario: Agree!

(Poison uses her rod and hits Sonic's leg, when hedgehog was running. Sonic falls on his knees and chin and tries not to cry)

Mario: No one can hurt-a my amigo, so I have to fight-a you.

Poison:(laughs) (sarcasticially) I'm too afraid, oh! (in normal voice) Hugo, baby! C'mon. Your hour has come.

(Hugo goes to Mario and Hugo's shadow darkens Mario's appearance in camera)

Hugo: What? So short? (started lauging) I will smash him like bug! (stops laughing and makes battle position with Poison)

Sonic: (standing) I will help you, Mario!(sniffs) We've fought other giants like them so we'll fight them too (sniffs). We're like a team, M&S Team! (sniffs and makes battle position with Mario)

Victory Lines:------------------------------

Fight #1:

Mario: Wahoo! Our first-a win in this tournament! How's amazing! But we need to focus for dont lose!

Sonic: What you talking about, Mario? nobody here is too fast than me.

Mario : But we have-a to be careful, I heard that some bad-a guys entered in this search-a for Pandora too!.

Sonic: Meh, I dont care, nobody is better than the fastest thing alive!

Fight #2:

Mario: Oh Yeah! More one victory for the M&S team-a!

Sonic: What? why this team call M&S and no S&M? I am the leader of this...

Mario: We don't have a leader-a here, Sonic... we are equals. we are a team of two, anyway

Sonic: Me?, equal to you? You should be kidding...


Fight #3:

Sonic: Hey dude, what you are thinking? if don't was my speed we could lost this battle

Mario: Oh, sorry Mr. Speed. but you needed my power-a for win this fight-a too, you're not working like a team..

Sonic: What I can say? You're too slow to help me with my strikes, maybe if you were a little faster we could work better.

Mario : Don't let-a your ego inflate too much-a, friend. We need one of other, and we are in this together!

Fight #4:

Sonic: Yeah, was better.... you helped me a lot this time, I must to say...

Mario: Oh, okiedokie, no problem, I'm glad to make-a a team with you my friend

Sonic: That's right, so, ... I'm the leader, and now I'm running for searchs of this box!

Mario: Hey, Wait!, This was dirty-a game!

Fight #5: (Rival Battle)

Mario: Waha! We did it , Sonic! We finally worked perfectly!

Sonic: of course!, this was a good cooperation! We need to train more this partnership! from this team will out a lot of good moves!

Mario: aha! yes! I'm agree!. ....but look-a, seems that our journey is almost-a in the finish, the snow are falling, we are close to the South-a Pole!

Sonic: Yeah, I already can feel the cold of this place, ... we can't stop now, Pandora is close, and with our skills together we will get this box!.

Mario: Here we go!!

Fight #6a: (Jin and Xiaoyu Sub-Boss)

Mario: Whoa! What kind-a of power that was coming out-a of this girl?! Is a terrible dark-a power! *glup*

Sonic: yeah, the guy with the tatoo emanated this power too, I think is the power of Pandora Box in them bodies

Mario: Well, I'll get-a happy when we finally got this box-a and lock this in a security place!.

Sonic: same here.... but, where this box?, We finally won this tournament, and have no one more for fight with us.

Mario: I'm not sure about-a this, Paisano.. I feel a bad feeling... I think we are not alone....

Fight #6b: (M. Bison and Juri Sub-Boss)

Mario: Whoa! What kind-a of power that was coming of that crazy military man and crazy girl-a! It's so terrible! *glup*

Sonic: and don't say! That girl was really nuts! More than Amy Rose is! She wanted to eat me like a Chili Dog! She must better taste hamburger instead! I think the power of Pandora Box made them crazy!

Mario: Well, I'll get-a happy when we finally got this box-a and lock this in a security place!.

Sonic: same here.... but, where this box?, We finally won this tournament, and have no one more for fight with us.

Mario: I'm not sure about-a this, Paisano.. I feel a bad feeling... I think we are not alone....

Fight #7a: (Ogre Boss Battle)

Sonic: Phew.., this green man was the most hard to fight.... but nobody can stop the plumber...

Mario: ....and the Hedgehog-a! Hihi, we make an amazing team-a!, and I don't know who is this ugly monster-a, but I don't want to fight with him again, hehe...

Sonic: me too, heh, but don't need to worry, guy,...Look, we finally got our prize!

Mario: ooh, that's right!, we finally can see what's that Pandora Box! Let's-a go!

Fight #7b (Akuma Boss Battle)

Mario:(feeling both scared and cold) Mamma mia! I... will... never-e... forget-a... that... demon-a.... He will always appear in my nightmares.

Sonic: Relax, buddy! That demon was too slow. He was much easier than Chaos, or Master Hand, or Time Eater. No one can stop plumber..

Mario:(trembled) and a hedgehog-a... W-w-w-we have made an amazing team-a! So I don't want to fight with him again...

Sonic: me too, heh, but don't need to worry, guy,...Look, we finally got our prize!

Mario: ooh, that's right!, we finally can see what's that Pandora Box! Let's-a go!

Team Ending Dialogue:------------------------------

(Mario and Sonic go walking in slow steps while the Pandora Box is openning and a flash of lights is comming out inside it. So they stop a bit far of the object)

Mario: ... oh right... that's it..... (looking for your front, with the box full of light)

Sonic (arranges his gloves) : I think we must take it. (Sonic's belly rumbles) I want Chili Dogs. Very many. I'm so hungry.

Mario (trembles): I want-a...bzzz... a coffee.

(lid of box opens and light comes out of here and light spreads on Mario's and Sonic's hands. Chili Dogs have appeared at Sonic's hands and cup of coffee has apeeared on Mario's hands, so Sonic starts eating Chili Dogs fast and Mario starts drinking coffee. After nosh Sonic lies on ground and strokes his belly)

Sonic: I know why Shadaloo and Mishima Zaibatsu wanted to reach the box. They wanted to conquer entire Earth.(Sonic burps)

Mario: I should get-a rid of that-a box immediately. It's like Triforce-a from The Legend of Zelda-a.

text after credits--- "and after Mario and Sonic learn how to fight like a team, they throw the Pandora Box by the Warp Zone of Mushroom Kingdom, then the object falls in the -1 World, a place that few people have access. With help of Chaos Emerald, they have blocked the the pipe of entrance and exit from this place, for that nobody can get that mysterious power. And soon Olympics in London have started."

Mario © Nintendo Sonic the Hedgehog © Sega Street Fighter X Tekken, Bad Box Art MegaMan and Street Fighter characters © Capcom Tekken characters and Pac-Man © Bandai Namco desing © TheGuy07/NikGutendorf

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