Starting off...

Being a big fan of Street Fighter, Tekken, and inFAMOUS, I was actually pretty excited when I saw that Cole was going to appear as a guest character in Street Fighter X Tekken. While I was slightly disappointed that he didn't have a story, I still enjoyed using him online and am glad that he made it in.

With that said, I sure would've liked to have seen Cole's reasons for going after Pandora, as well as what rivals he might have battled along the way. So with that, I'm going to try coming up with a story mode for Cole.



Far from the battles being waged by the Mishima Zaibatsu and Shadaloo in the Antarctic, Cole MacGrath stood in New Marais. Even with all of his powers, he couldn't hope to defeat the Beast, the horrifying monstrosity that destroyed Empire City and would soon be nearing the city.

"It beat me before. I can't let the Beast do it again!"

At first, he showed no interests in the news reports of Pandora landing, but once word came of the power that it could posess, Cole soon began weighing his options.

"I don't know if this box'll do me any good, but the Beast is coming... and I don't have much time."

Cole eventually decides to leave New Marais and begins his long trip to the Antarctic.

"Too late to turn back. I'm putting it all on the line now."

Rival Battle(s)

For the rival battles, I have two, each depending on whether his partner is a Street Fighter or Tekken character.

Street Fighter Rival

Cole vs. Blanka/Sakura

Location: Half Pipe

Cole wanders around until he hears electricity of some sort, then looks around until he runs into Blanka and Sakura, both of whom turn and see him. Cole asks Blanka how he can do that, to which Blanka responds that he shouldn't talk to strangers. Cole then creates electricity with his arms, startling the duo, with Sakura wondering if they're related and Blanka excited that he's found someone else with his ability. Cole then states that Blanka must be a Conduit just like him. Blanka then walks up to Cole and asks if he could battle him. Cole is surprised at the friendly offer, and with a smile on his face, he accepts. Blanka tells Cole not to hold back as all three of them get ready for battle.

Tekken Rival

Cole vs. Lars/Alisa

Location: Urban Warzone

Cole walks through the warzone when Lars runs in front of Cole, telling him to leave the area for his own safety. Cole replies that he'll be just fine and tries to walk around Lars, only for him to block Cole once again. Alisa hovers over and lands, telling Lars that Cole is very powerful. Lars turns his head to Alisa, telling her that Cole is an amateur and that he wouldn't last long in the Antarctic. Cole overhearing this, is insulted and points at Lars, telling him that he has no idea what he's been through and that he's gone too far to stop now. Lars dismisses this, saying that Cole doesn't know the first thing about being a soldier. Cole says that he's had enough of this and tries leaping over, only for Lars to call to Alisa to stop him, which she does. Cole lands back to the ground, with both Lars and Alisa standing in his way now, and Lars telling him that there's no way they're letting him through. Cole then replies that he'll have to do this the hard way as the three prepare for battle.

Will work on dialogue for both battles later.


Cole finally arrives and sees the box untouched. His grin soon turns sour as he sees a huge shadow overhead.

"No way..."

He turns around and sees the Beast. 


Cole sees the Beast approaching him and begins charging with electricity, slowly beginning to enter the Pandora state.

"I won't let you have it... and I won't let you destroy anything anymore!"

Cole enters the Pandora's state, takes out his amp, and lunges at the Beast. From the distance, all that is seen is a huge thunderbolt. Afterward, the box and the Beast are nowhere to be seen, and neither is Cole. All that stands in the snow is Cole's amp.


"When scientists reached the sight, they found that Pandora was missing, as well as both the Beast and Cole MacGrath. Zeke and all of Cole's allies mourned, as well as all of New Marais. However, across the globe, a plague began to quickly spread, which would soon take its toll on a large percentage of humanity. Then the unthinkable occured; huge thunderstorms occured in infected areas without any loss of life and the victims within were suddenly cured. Scientists were baffled at the discovery and rumors began of an electric healer. Some believed that perhaps Cole had not sacrificed himself to stop the Beast and instead used Pandora's Box to help anyone that he came across, but since no one has ever identified the phenomenon, the fate of Cole MacGrath remains unknown to all."

Was it any good? Anything you would've done differently? Leave a comment.

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