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    For me as both a Street Fighter player, and frequent Ryu player, at the same time a fan of Power Rangers. This is one of the mind-blowing scenes that is most must see!

    This January 2015, Bat in the Sun's "Super Powered Beat Down" will premiere the fight of two characters, Ryu squaring of with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Green Ranger; with the character played by Jason David Frank. Jason David Frank's character, Tommy Oliver is also featured in Super Powered Beat Down as the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger vs. Mortal Kombat's Scorpion with two endings.

    By popular demand, Bat in the Sun and JDF teased the Green Ranger vs. Ryu will happen; as the 15th episode of Superpower Beatdown. Here is the most recent teaser of this episode (from JDF's…

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    Natsuki Kuga is a fictional character from the Mai-Hime and Mai-Otome anime and manga series. She is voiced by Saeko Chiba in Japanese and Cheryl McMaster in English. In the fanfiction crossover story with Mai-HiME and Street Fighter, she is the main heroine along with the game's Ryu.

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    The following is the list of the chapters of my fanfiction crossover story, Street Fighter X Mai-HiME. I refer to call the chapters as "Stages", as an direct allusion to most of the SF games, that refers about the next confrontation.

    # Title Date Published

    1 Stage 1 - "A Brave New World" February 16, 2013
    The story begins as Ryu returns to Gouken's dojo. Unknown to Ryu, his master moved his dojo in the vicinity of Fuka Territory. Upon arriving to Fuka, Gouken asks Ryu a favor to gather three young women who appear to possess magical powers that have a possible connection to the Satsui no Hado. Ken and Sakura managed to tag along with him after overhearing his mission.

    2 Stage 2 - "Destiny Awaits" February 18, 2013

    Ryu, Ken, and Sakura entered Fuk…

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    {{Infobox Character |name = Ryu |smallimage = Character Select Ryu by UdonCrew.jpg |image = |center]] |caption = Ryu, as he appears in Street Fighter X Tekken. |birthdate = July 21 The outcome of the fight is exactly unknown, since it lasted the entire day and both combatants were heavily exhausted.

    NOTE: The storyline of Mai-Otome X Capcom is a reboot of the story seen in the Mai-Otome anime and manga. In addition, the story itself features numerous characters from different Capcom games. Making it a spinoff to Street Fighter X Mai-HiME

    In the spinoff sequel to Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, which now crossovers with various Capcom games - Mai-Otome X Capcom, Ryu, along with Ken also appear in the spinoff story. He and Ken serve as the two of the…

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    The ability information of the main twelve HiMEs in Street Fighter X My-HiME. The abilities of the HiMEs will somehow reflect the abilities, personalities, and stories of Street Fighter characters.

    Warriors associated to her: Ryu, Sakura, Gouken, Remy, Charlie, Cammy, Garuda, Sharon, Rose, Yun, Yang, Akuma, Guy, Nanase, Ibuki, Zangief
    Child: Duran
    Element: pair of revolvers with circular cylinders
    Weakness: Shin Shoryuken and Shinryuken

    Natsuki always uses some type of gun as her weapon and she is usually associated with wolves, silver and the element ice. Kuga's element is a pair of revolver guns or pistols with spherical cylinder cases. She seemingly manifests these elements from an ice portal. She fires them in normal realistic intervals but …

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