The following is the list of the chapters of my fanfiction crossover story, Street Fighter X Mai-HiME. I refer to call the chapters as "Stages", as an direct allusion to most of the SF games, that refers about the next confrontation.

List of Chapters (Stages)

# Title Date Published
1 Stage 1 - "A Brave New World" February 16, 2013
The story begins as Ryu returns to Gouken's dojo. Unknown to Ryu, his master moved his dojo in the vicinity of Fuka Territory. Upon arriving to Fuka, Gouken asks Ryu a favor to gather three young women who appear to possess magical powers that have a possible connection to the Satsui no Hado. Ken and Sakura managed to tag along with him after overhearing his mission.
2 Stage 2 - "Destiny Awaits" February 18, 2013

Ryu, Ken, and Sakura entered Fuka Academy to look for the three girls. However, they managed to cross paths with one of them - Mai Tokiha.

3 Stage 3 - "The Day of Crossing Paths" February 21, 2013
Ryu and company explain their mission to Mai - much to the confusion of her friends and her brother - they briefly discussed their purpose of gathering the three HiMEs to his master in private. Meanwhile, a fight escalated between Natsuki Kuga and Mikoto Minagi. Ryu interrupts the scuffle and fights Natsuki. The world warrior dominates the blue-haired HiME and manages to defeat her. Ryu carries an unconscious Natsuki and brings him to Gouken for answers.
4 Stage 4- "The True Purpose" February 25, 2013
Natsuki wakes up in Gouken's dojo. Ryu and Gouken explain their purpose of gathering the likes of her before the latter. Then, Gouken also shares a short information about the Satsui no Hado to Natsuki. In the end, she makes a decision to learn their fighting style, with both Gouken and Ryu reluctantly accepting her as their new apprentice.
5 Stage 5 - "Rising Dragon" February 27, 2013
After Natsuki made her decision to train with Ryu their fighting style, she first challenges Ken that resulted in a no-contest - after her racing suit was scorched by his Shinryuken - much to her dismay. But, she gains another chance by fighting Ryu for the second time. During the battle, she gains two of his moves. However, their battle was called to a draw when Orphans interfered in their fight, resulting in both Natsuki and Ryu joining forces.
6 Stage 6 - "Somebody Call The Exterminator!" March 2, 2013
Nagi Homura, a young boy who has connection with District One, comes to warn Ryu and company about the rumors about the comeback of M. Bison and the rebirth of his criminal organization, Shadaloo. Unbeknownst to everyone, Bison is actually capturing Orphans from District One by harnessing his Psycho Power that allows him to gain control of different life forms from a distant area. While Natsuki and Sakura traverse around the city, they encounter Makoto. The cold beauty fought the Rindokan practitioner and won. Later, they managed to put their differences aside when they repelled Orphans attacking Ibuki's village.
7 Stage 7 - "The World's Strongest Woman" March 5, 2013
After learning of the rumors of Bison's comeback, Chun-Li heads to Fuka Territory to investigate the area after recieving a call from Ken. Upon arriving, she crosses paths with Natsuki that resulted into an epic confrontation; also their fight attracted the attention of many, including Fuka Academy students (among them were Masashi Takeda).
8 Stage 8 - "Winds of Mischief" March 7, 2013

More Orphans causing trouble around the school, especially by means of stealing girls' lingerie. The HiMEs tag along with Ryu and company to stop them. Makoto and Ibuki returned the favor by joining forces with the three HiMEs.

NOTE: This chapter is a reminiscent of the fourth episode in the Mai-HiME anime. In the case of the story in this chapter, the Street Fighter cast are involved in its synopsis.
9 Stage 9 - "Sudden Terror" March 8, 2013
Natsuki was asked by Chun-Li to rendezvous with Guile. Bison then makes his appearance into the Fuka Territory, bringing terror towards the inhabitants, including Fuka Academy itself. Bison's retribution begins, starting with his opposers; and so by doing it, he kidnaps Takumi Tokiha, Mai's younger brother. This is much to the chagrin of Mai, who screams at them as Bison, who in turn carrying Takumi, escapes.
10 Stage 10 - "A Long Way To Go" March 27, 2013
Mai, tries in vain to plead with Mashiro Kazahana - the headmaster of Fuka Academy, to go in a journey to find Takumi. The latter disapproves her quest, due to the fact not knowing Mai would befall into Bison's traps. However, Ryu suggests to the headmaster to bring the three HiMEs (Mai, Mikoto, and Natsuki) in their travels to acquaint many warriors from all over the world. Thus, leaving the rescue of Takumi to Chun-Li and Guile.
11 Stage 11 - "Insightful Ways" April 10, 2013
Natsuki explains her purpose of fighting - aforementioned in her story in the HiME anime and manga - to defeat District One. Gouken, however warns her not to be consumed with hatred and vengeance for it will bring her to a dark place. Natsuki and Gouken do battle, with the latter being the victor. Gouken advices Natsuki to do better of herself, and managed to let her past stay on the sidelines momentarily.
12 Stage 12 - "Sakura Mankai" April 17, 2013
Ryu and company paid a visit to the dojo run by the Mizukami bloodline. There, Ryu and Natsuki fought the shrine maidens Hokuto and Nanase, both master and pupil managed to defeat the siblings. After overhearing the party leaving Fuka for a journey, Natsuki asks to the academy's headmaster to let Hokuto and Nanase to be her exchange students on her absence, which the latter approves.
13 Stage 13 - "Every Man For Himself" April 20, 2013
Our heroes participated in a battle royal hosted by the family of Karin Kanzuki. Unbeknownst to Natsuki, two of Bison's henchmen are also participating the battle royal. After eliminating Vega, Natsuki ends up in a cat-and-mouse chase with Balrog. However, with the help of Cammy, they teamed up to eliminate the boxer. In the end, Natsuki won the bout after eliminating Cammy by using one of her own moves against her.
14 Stage 14 - "The Road to Be Taken" April 23, 2013
Natsuki and Cammy got off to a friendly start ever since the previous chapter. The two share their side of their stories, with Natsuki learn of Cammy's past and her ties with Bison. Mashiro recommends to the party that Nagi should tag along in their quest to make sure the HiMEs don't fall into Bison's malevolent power, to which Ryu approves the headmaster's suggestion. The party started their journey on their first destination to Hong Kong.
15 Stage 15 - "Twin Dragons" April 26, 2013
Ryu and the gang managed to arrive in Hong Kong. There, they encounter the twins Yun and Yang. The brothers challenge Natsuki to a two-on-one battle, the HiME somehow struggles to even the odds, in which she succeeds.
16 Stage 16 - "Box Office Hero" May 13, 2013
Acting as tour guides to our heroes, Yun and Yang accompanied the party throughout the town. And they met up with the youthful movie actor, Fei Long. Aside from his filming carrer, is Fei Long ready for a REAL fight?
17 Stage 17 - "The Proprietor of Death" May 16, 2013
Our heroes parted ways with Yun and Yang as they regroup with Chun-Li. Now, they managed to meet up with Gen. The elderly assassin warns our heroes about the impending dangers that will come into them throughout their journey, as well as where Shadaloo kept Takumi. Meanwhile, Natsuki is plagued by recurring nightmares, in which she sees visions of the Satsui no Hado's possessors. In the end, they left Hong Kong for their next destination: Thailand.
18 Stage 18 - "They Call Him The King For a Reason" May 19, 2013
After arriving in Thailand by plane, Ryu and company (sans Chun-Li, who is investigating area Point 48106) stopped by in a remote village. There, he once again encountered his long-time adversary, Sagat. The two rivals clash once again; while they are fighting, Ken explains to the HiMEs about Ryu and Sagat's countless battle to one another. The outcome of the battle is unknown, with the fight itself lasted until sundown and both combatants are exhausted.
19 Stage 19 - "Down The Rabbit Hole" TBP

Natsuki and Chun-Li go on to rescue Takumi by infiltrating the Shadaloo base Point 48106. Mai, trying desperate to save her brother, tagged along. Many obstacles came before them, they managed to overcome. With Sagat's help, the trio managed to escape with Takumi alive.

NOTE: This chapter and its synopsis is a direct allusion to the mission of the same name in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


  • In chapter 6, Natsuki was taught the Shippu Jinraikyaku by Ken. Which it becomes her EX Tatsumaki.
    • In the same chapter, she gains the Yoroitoshi. She uses it in chapter 12 while fighting Hokuto and Nanase.
  • In chapter 7, Natsuki is revealed to learn the Jodan Sokuto Geri.
  • In chapter 8, Natsuki is revealed to learn the Shin Shoryuken. In which she uses it against Masashi Takeda, in which she catches him possessing one of her underwear. Likewise, Mikoto gains Chun-Li's Tensei-Ranka; instead of performing a Hazanshu, Mikoto does it by slamming her sword-like Element, Miroku in the ground in a similar way to Inuyasha's Kaze no Kizu.
  • In chapter 12, Mai is revealed to know the Shoryureppa and Shinryuken. However, she has not used the latter move yet.
  • In chapter 13, Natsuki gains the CQC (Cammy's Quick Combination). She uses this move against Cammy as a counter-attack in an effort to eliminate her in the battle royal.
  • In chapter 15, Natsuki gains the Tenshin Senkyutai and Sorai Rengeki. Natsuki's version of both moves alludes to those seen in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. After landing the Tenshin Senkyutai, Natsuki follows up with the familiar skateboard tricks from the latter move. This chained Ultra Combo references to one of the videos made by onebyonetv, where it shows Yun and Yang chaining their Ultra Combos as seen in this video here:
  • In chapter 17, Natsuki is revealed to know Raishin Mahhaken. Natsuki's version of this move is still similar in animation seen in Arcade Edition of Super Street Fighter IV.

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