The ability information of the main twelve HiMEs in Street Fighter X My-HiME. The abilities of the HiMEs will somehow reflect the abilities, personalities, and stories of Street Fighter characters.

Natsuki Kuga

Warriors associated to her: Ryu, SakuraGouken, Remy, Charlie, Cammy, Garuda, SharonRose, Yun, Yang, Akuma, Guy, Nanase, Ibuki, Zangief
Child: Duran
Element: pair of revolvers with circular cylinders
Weakness: Shin Shoryuken and Shinryuken

Natsuki always uses some type of gun as her weapon and she is usually associated with wolves, silver and the element ice. Kuga's element is a pair of revolver guns or pistols with spherical cylinder cases. She seemingly manifests these elements from an ice portal. She fires them in normal realistic intervals but apparently doesn't have to reload (a possible explanation for which is that she can also materialize new bullets as she fires). In the crossover story, it gains a select-fire and charge-shot ability when Crimson Viper upgrades the three HiMEs' Elements.

Duran was a silver wolf like creature. It was the child of Natsuki Kuga. She named Duran after her deceased pet dog. Duran was aided with a pair of cannons on its back, and also by the different mechanical parts and weapons in its hind legs, which were composed of several types of projectiles. In the My-HiME anime, Shizuru dies because she was Natsuki's most important person when Duran was destroyed. Since Natsuki is the main heroine of Street Fighter X My-HiME and does not turn against Shizuru at the same time, Duran remains intact throughout the story. It fires three types of projectiles; Silver, Chrome, and Flash Cartridge (icicles, explosive, and light). On the other hand, Natsuki can allow Duran to use its projectiles as an EX Special. On that note, Natsuki is somewhat of a keep-away character, using her Element, Duran's projectiles, or Hadokens to keep opponents at a distance. Her weaknesses are the Shin Shoryuken and Shinryuken; and on a funnier note, as heard in the fifth chapter of the story where she first fought Ken, the Shinryuken almost likely immolated Natsuki's clothes (i.e., her racing suit and underwear) in flames from the inside and out; much to Natsuki's displeasure and leaving the latter exposed in the end of the battle. This corresponds that how fire melts ice; an element which Natsuki is associated to.

Natsuki also gains special attacks and Ultra Combos from certain fighters she meets throughout the story. It is implied that she also displays knowledge of hand-to-hand fighting techniques, as demonstrated during her first fight against Ryu.

Natsuki's abilities somewhat reflects the personalities of certain characters from the Street Fighter roster. For example, she gains a composed and instinctive fighting style, akin to Remy's. In later parts of the story, she gains three hidden moves as a last resort.

There are two Street Fighter characters that based for Natsuki - Chun-Li and Remy. For Chun-Li's story, she was trying to find the answer behind her father's death. Until she learns that M. Bison was the culprit of her father's demise, which notes that Chun-Li's main purpose of existence is to bring justice to her father's death by defeating Bison and his criminal organization Shadaloo. On that note, Natsuki's main purpose of fighting is to avenge her mother's death at the hands of the First District (or District One). So, this makes Natsuki out to be Chun-Li, while District One being Shadaloo.

As for Remy's case, this reflects Natsuki's bitterness and resentment towards the people of District One. However, the difference is Remy carries his burden of pain and hatred towards anyone in general who engage in fighting; a particular reason why his father deserted him after his sister's death. In the novel 'Natsuki's Prelude', this corresponds when  Natsuki and her mother met a freak accident. To which Natsuki presumed her mother died, her father went abroad and married another woman. So, the accurate similarites for Remy and Natsuki is in terms of their nihilistic nature and their anger and resentment towards their father(s). The difference is Remy's hatred may be to the point of madness, as Alex thinks he is insane and should get a psychiatrist in their rival battle in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike; while Natsuki however befriends the main characters, Mai Tokiha and Mikoto Minagi.

Mai Tokiha

Warriors associated to her: Ken Masters, Crimson Viper, Sagat, Dhalsim, Rolento F. Schugerg, Fei Long, Rufus, Kairi, Vulcano Rosso
Child: Kagutsuchi
Element: 4 large golden rings with magatama as weapons
Weakness: Flash Kick, Bad Stone, Fuhajin

Mai's element is a set of four golden rings (bracelets) around her wrists and ankles. Each ring looks like a ring of fire when it spins, but in ordinary form it is a golden ring with emerald green magatama. When she materializes them, she engulfs herself in a pillar of flames, though she tends to keep it down to just flaming where they appear instead of all over. Her element allows her to float, giving her a unique ability in movement compared to all the other HiME as well as being able to accompany Kagutsuchi without having to ride it. She can use her element to create a fiery barrier to block attacks, or to create a flaming whip to attack with (though she rarely uses it). Her Element is apparently very strong, being able to withstand blows from even Mikoto's sword. By the use of her element, Mai summons Kagutsuchi, her CHILD, which rises out from a cyclone of fire.

In the said crossover story with Street Fighter, the rings can also spin when using a flaming ShoryukenTiger Cannons, Thunder Knuckle and/or a Burning Kick. In later parts of the story, Mai's Elements were modified by Crimson Viper, allowing it to gain the latter's special attacks said earlier. And for the case of Kagutsuchi, its ability to spit large fireballs were also given a modification; it now uses Yoga Fires, Yoga Flame, as well Yoga Catastrophe and Yoga Inferno. This implies Dhalsim granting the HiME's Child more power to defeat Orphans as well to stop Bison's evil plans.

The only Street Fighter character who is based for Mai is actually Crimson Viper. Although the major difference is their personalities. At the same time, Mai is only a teenage girl working hard after school, while Viper is a mother working in secret missions; both characters are considered hardworking, and do tend to the needs of their loved ones - for Mai, she works hard for the needs of her brother Takumi, while Viper on the other hand, works as a mole for S.I.N. and is revealed to be a CIA operative; and after mission, Viper does go home to tend to her daughter, Lauren. True to both of their hardworking personalities and their care for their loved ones, Viper could be Mai, while Takumi being Lauren.

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