A list of terminologies for the fanfiction crossover story Street Fighter X My-HiME.

Street Fighter plot elements

Satsui no Hado

See also: Satsui no Hado

The Satsui no Hado's function remain intact from all the Street Fighter games. However in Street Fighter X My-HiME, Gouken believes that HiMEs like Mai Tokiha, Natsuki Kuga, and/or Mikoto Minagi may have a possible connection to the Satsui no Hado, with allowing a chance to extract their powers onto Ryu so it won't take over him. In the said crossover story, it is implied that Shizuru Fujino has a knowledge in regards to Satsui no Hado, only for her to pass it to Natsuki later on.

In the Street Fighter roster, fighters who oppose the Satsui no Hado are Garuda, Gouken, Ken Masters, Juri, Sagat, Ingrid, Rose, Guy, Sakura Kasugano, and even Ryu himself. While in the Mai-HiME roster who oppose the Satsui no Hado are Shizuru Fujino, Natsuki Kuga, Nao Yuki, Nagi Homura, Miyu Greer, and Alyssa Searrs.


In the My-HiME roster, Natsuki later gains the Satsui no Hado after intervening the fight between a Satsui no Hado-driven Ryu and Akuma.

On the other hand, the Satsui no Hado is implied to be the TRUE weakness of the Obsidian Prince. Depicted when Oni unleashes a Meido Gohado on the latter. At the same time it brings utter destruction to the HiME star, when Natsuki does Akuma's Demon Armageddon, destroying it.

Psycho Power

See also: Psycho Power

In Street Fighter X My-HiME, Nagi mentions this is the said evil entity that there are some Orphans fall into M. Bison's control. The HiME Star also boosts the Psycho Power to its fullest extent, much more with the Obsidian Prince's case that it is the source of its power.

Soul Power

See also: Soul Power

The function of the Soul Power recieves no major change in the crossover story. Except that Rose can channel her ki to Natsuki, allowing the latter to gain one of her Ultra Combos.

Akuma's forms

Shin(jin) Akuma

See also: Shin Akuma

In Street Fighter X My-HiME, Shinjin Akuma (or still Shin Akuma, by the HiMEs) appears in his Capcom vs. SNK 2 incarnation, with the familiar 'Shinjin' "神人" kanji on his back other than the 'ten'. Shin Akuma in the crossover story is awakened as a result of the HiME Star granting him more power.

In the story, Akuma in this form is somewhat feared as a god; as a wordplay, the 'shin' in his name denotes 'divine' instead of the usual 'true'. The unique kanji seen on his back during certain animations is composed of shin (神, "god") superimposed over to (人, "person"), expressing the idea of a person who has become godlike and much beyond that of an ordinary human. The kanji can also be interpreted as shinjin (神人), which translates to "godlike person."

The Obsidian Prince refers Akuma as a "Demon God".

Cyber Akuma

See also: Cyber Akuma

In the crossover story, Cyber Akuma is formed when Akuma gains an ability to fuse with a HiME's Child; in one case, Natsuki's Child, Duran. Cyber Akuma's appearance since Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter remains intact. 


See also: Oni

In the said story, Oni is the secondary antagonist after Bison. And he is to be fought by Natsuki after destroying the HiME Star and defeating Bison.

Seal of Blood

The Seal of Blood is a cursed power that was implanted to Hokuto by the Mizukami clan. The Seal of Blood within Hokuto will come to life whenever Kairi is in her presence. Unknown to Hokuto, her true purpose of her mission to locate Kairi was to carry out his elimination. To ensure this, Hokuto was implanted with the Seal of Blood by the elders of the Mizukami clan, which was set to be unleashed whenever Hokuto would come into contact with Kairi. Bloody Hokuto can be distinguished from her regular counterpart by the red mark on her forehead.


In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, the only way to suppress the Seal of Blood in Hokuto is when the latter should be in the presence of a HiME; such as Akane Higurashi and/or Shizuru Fujino.


See also: Shadaloo

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, the syndicate's function remains intact. Shadowgeist now fulfills the vacant role of the defected Sagat as one of the Shadaloo's Grand Masters, since the latter has severed ties with Shadaloo after the events of Street Fighter II.


See also: Illuminati

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, the group's function remains intact. That now they are at war against Shadaloo. Illuminati is later revealed an ally when Gill reveals to Ryu and company that he is planning to stop Bison's evil plans of world domination.

Ultra Combos

See also: Ultra Combo

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, five of the twelve HiMEs (i.e., Mai, Natsuki, Shizuru, Mikoto, and Midori) can gain Ultra Combos after encountering many warriors from the Street Fighter roster throughout the story. Not only a HiME can perform the Ultra physically (whether will it be unarmed or with her Element), but she can summon the specific fighter who utilizes the Ultra (i.e., for Natsuki with Raishin Mahhaken, she has to summon Yang. But only if the latter is on her side.), sometimes the HiME's child can peform Ultra Combos on the behest of the warrior using it; for example, Kagutsuchi can use Dhalsim's Yoga Inferno/Yoga Catastrophe and even Rufus' Big Bang Typhoon.

In the said story, Natsuki is one of the few HiMEs can followup two Ultras at the same time (a reference from Garuda's Kyojin Senshuu METEOR combo from EX3); namely Yang and Yun's Tenshin Senkyutai and Sorai Rengeki respectively.

Custom Combo

See also: Custom Combo

Desperate Attack

Also known as a forbidden move. It is based and is referenced from those seen in the Street Fighter III games, namely from 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike. In this said game, characters such as Gill and Akuma can gain access to several Super Arts in different cases; for Gill, since 2nd Impact, he has two Supers, and by the following sequel, he has three in addition from his Resurrection. Gill can gain access to all three Super Arts and is not selectable in the character select screen of the game. As for the case of Akuma, from 2nd Impact, aside from three selectable Super Arts, he has only one hidden move. While in 3rd Strike, he has two. Of that note, it can be used no matter which Super Art was chosen at the character select screen, and uses up the whole super gauge. This means that in 3rd Strike, in any given match, Akuma has access to three Super Arts, making him extremely dangerous.

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, this is also a term for 'hidden' Ultra Combos; and there are only two HiMEs who have desperation attacks; Natsuki Kuga and Mikoto Minagi. For Natsuki's case, she satisfies from those of the case of Akuma; three are all Satsui no Hado-powered attacks, namely the Kongou Kokuretsu Zan, Metsu Shoryuken, and Denjin Hadoken; the attacks were belonged to Akuma, Ryu, and Sakura respectively. As for Mikoto's case, she only uses one; the Last Dread Dust; one of Cody's Ultra Combos, which the other being the Final Destruction. As usual with Cody's version of the ultra, Mikoto will always use a steel pipe other than Miroku.

My-HiME plot elements


A HiME refers to the ability to create solid objects from photons, as well as the females who wield this ability. It stands for Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment. It is a backronym of hime, the Japanese word for princess. All HiMEs have an identical birthmark shaped like the HiME symbol on various points of their bodies, usually the part of their bodies governed by their astrological sign. HiMEs typically are associated with a classical element or some other theme.

In the anime, only a few HiMEs are initially revealed. They are dependent on their most important people for their Childs. There are 13 HiMEs: Natsuki Kuga, Mikoto Minagi, Mai Tokiha, Akane Higurashi, Midori Sugiura, Nao Yuuki, Akira Okuzaki, Yukariko Sanada, Yukino Kikukawa, Alyssa Searrs, Shiho Munakata, Fumi Himeno, and Shizuru Fujino. Of the 13, Alyssa is the only artificially created HiME.

In the manga, HiMEs are public knowledge, with students cheering on battles. HiMEs require Keys to summon their Childs. There are 16 ordinary HiMEs: Mai Tokiha, Natsuki Kuga, Yoko Sagisawa, Mikoto Minagi, Akane Higurashi, Haruka Suzushiro, Yukino Kikukawa, Nao Yuuki, Akira Okuzaki, the Three Scale Sisters, Midori Sugiura, Saeko Kuga, Mashiro Kazahana, and Fumi Himeno. In addition to the regular HiMEs, PRINCESSes and QUEENs are also HiMEs but have different characteristics.

In the Street Fighter X Mai-HiME storyline, as said above; Gouken believes that the HiMEs may have a possible connection to the Satsui no Hado, however when Ryu, Ken, and Sakura brought Mai, Natsuki, and Mikoto before Gouken, the three HiMEs have no knowledge about the Satsui no Hado not until Shizuru was the one who was aware of the evil Hado and then passes it to Natsuki. In addition, the HiMEs can adopt and learn special attacks from different characters from the Street Fighter roster; including Ultra Combos. For example, Natsuki can gain access Ryu's commonly known attacks such as Hadoken, Shoryuken, and even the Tatsumaki; even Ultra Combos such as Shin Shoryuken.


Element is the name for the objects the HiMEs can create. Most take the form of some kind of weapon, but a couple have non-combat functions such as Yukino's mirrors. All natural HiMEs wield Elements, while artificial HiMEs cannot.

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, Crimson Viper has the ability to amplify the power and acoustic signature of a HiME's element and child, which allowed Viper passes some of her special attacks to Mai such as the Thunder Knuckle and Burning Kick.


A Child is a creature summoned for battle by a HiME. Most have some origin in mythological beasts or deities.

In the anime, Childs can be summoned anytime after a HiME has accepted her Child. They are linked to a HiME's most important person; when the Child dies, the HiME's most important person also dies, and the HiME loses her powers.

In the manga, a HiME summons a Child by touching her Element to her Key. The death of a Child results in the death of the Key. PRINCESSes and QUEENs do not need Keys to summon their Childs.

In general, the manga Childs are significantly stronger than their anime counterparts, as evident by their much larger size and significantly stronger attacks. This is due to some of the differences between the two stories; in particular, the mortality of the Childs plays a significant role in the anime, whereas in the manga the Childs are intended to be superpowers.

While in Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, there are some Childs can perform special attacks and even Ultra Combos in behest of their owners and the specific fighter who uses the move; for example Mai's Kagutsuchi can use Dhalsim's Yoga Fire, Kairi's Shouki Hatsudou and Rufus' Big Bang Typhoon, Natsuki's Duran can use Rose's Soul Spark and Remy's Light of Justice.

Most Important Person

A vaguely defined term in the series, first mentioned by Nagi Homura in episode 2. The person most important to a HiME becomes collateral in exchange for the power of a Child; if a Child dies, the most important person dies also.

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME as said above, but with one exception; if a HiME possesses the Satsui no Hadou, the most important person survives. And in the said story, there are two HiMEs to have more than one most important persons; Natsuki is revealed to have two most important persons, the first one is Shizuru Fujino, and the second being Ryu. While Akane Higurashi has three persons most important to her, aside from her boyfriend Kazuya Karauchi; two more from the Street Fighter EX series - Hokuto and Nanase are also implied to be close friends with Akane in the story.

And of that note, Natsuki and Akane are the only HiMEs to have additional persons most important to them who come from the Street Fighter roster.  


An Orphan is a creature the HiMEs fight. They typically have a monstrous form. Nagi Homura is the one generally responsible for summoning Orphans.

In the anime, Alyssa Searrs can also summon Orphans to carry out missions for the Searrs Foundation. Orphans are described the same as Childs, but with a distinct difference - they lack the capability to resonate with the soul of a HiME, and instead are attracted to the emotions at Fuka Academy.

In the manga, Mikoto Minagi keeps an Orphan as a pet, which is the focus of chapter 20.

Interestingly, unlike Childs, Orphans appear biological, rather than the biomechanical appearance of other similar creatures(Childs of Mai Hime and Slaves of Mai Otome).

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, Nagi mentions that there are other entities are also controlling orphans; in one case, the Psycho Power. Bison also captures Orphans and uses them to do his bidding. Akuma also stated that Orphans are affraid of anyone in general who utilize the Satsui no Hado such as himself and Evil Ryu, as Akuma demonstrated to Nagi as he soundly destroyed each and anyone of them with the Wrath of the Raging Demon and Misogi, these said attacks will likely turn Orphans to dust when they take damage.

Searrs Foundation

The Searrs Foundation is an ancient organization disguised as an American corporation. They seek to take the powers of the HiMEs for themselves with the help of technology. Alyssa Searrs and Miyu Greer work for Searrs.

In the anime, Searrs uses Alyssa, Miyu, and Father Greer to observe the HiMEs. In episode 14, Searrs sends its private military to take over the school. The coup fails, and Searrs later sends John Smith to make amends with the Obsidian Lord and deal with Miyu.

In the manga, Searrs owns a private school, the Searrs Female Institute, which sends Saeko Kuga and a delegation of PRINCESSes to take over Fuka Academy and open the HiME Star's gate. Searrs later retracts its orders, but the HiME Star is opened anyway.

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, similar in the anime, and it is also a neutral faction. The Foundation is being targeted in suspicion by the Interpol, Central Intelligence Agency, and the Joint Special Operations Command; who are aware of the Foundation's motives. On the other hand, the Foundation faces crisis when Garuda soundly raids an institute run by the organization; costing the lives of the employees and researchers, including Alyssa Searrs, who was looking for Natsuki's mother that time, whom the latter spared during the incident. And later was taken over by Shadaloo.

HiME Star

The HiME Star is a red dwarf star in the sky, located to the lower-right of the moon. It is encircled by a rocky structure similar in shape to the HiME symbol. The HiMEs' powers originate from the Star. 

In the anime, only the HiMEs and the First District can see the Star. The Obsidian Prince states in the final episode that the Star is the source of his powers. Its subsequent destruction weakens the Obsidian Lord, allowing him to be destroyed.

In the manga, the HiME Star is visible by all. During the final chapters of the series, it becomes the Obsidian Palace. This also happens in Street Fighter X Mai-HiME before Natsuki clashes Akuma/Oni.

In Street Fighter X My-HiME, it is likewise on the HiME anime. However, the HiME Star is also visible to Ryu, Gouken, AkumaGaruda, and M. Bison.

In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, the HiME Star and the Obsidian Lord are vulnerable to the embodiment of pure evil of all that is the Satsui no Hado.

On the other hand, two Street Fighter characters may gain more power from the HiME Star in different cases. For Akuma, the Star's energy emnates and will merge within Akuma, resulting the Satsui no Hado to reach at its peak; becoming Shinjin Akuma. In this form, Akuma's hair will whiten, and his skin receives a dark coloration and the color of his karategi becomes darker purple, similarly seen in his Capcom vs. SNK 2 incarnation. As usual, the kanji displayed on his back is always the 'Shinjin' version (神人); as for Bison's case, in order for him to gain the power from the Star, he must acquire one HiME as a sacrifice in order for him to boost his Psycho Power to its fullest extent. In this state, Bison is extremely powerful -in a similar nod in Street Fighter Alpha 3 to his "Final" Bison incarnation - that makes him a formidable force be reckoned with; on that note, he would likely outmatch the Obsidian Lord's power. 

District 1

District 1 is the organization responsible for gathering the HiMEs at Fuka Academy. They cover up Orphan incidents by controlling the media and erasing the memories of victims. In episode 21, they are shown to work for the Obsidian Lord. Kaiji Sakomizu and Wataru Ishigami, teachers at Fuka Academy, are shown to work for District 1.


In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, the organization itself is also being targeted by Shadaloo. In Stage 9 of Street Fighter X Mai-HiME when Bison orders the attack of the First District, sending a message to those who opposed him.

Fuka Academy

Fuka Academy is the private school at which all of the HiMEs are gathered. It has 3 buildings for grade school, middle school, and high school, which are all connected by the Crystal Shrine. Its chairwoman is Mashiro Kazahana.

Student Council

The Fuka Academy Student Council holds more power than typical student councils; they are in charge of student discipline and are partly responsible for school funding. Its president is Shizuru Fujino. In the anime, Reito Kanzaki is the vice president.

Executive Council

Part of the Student Council, these students specifically deal with maintaining order at Fuka Academy. The chief executive is Haruka Suzushiro, who is assisted by Yukino Kikukawa.

Obsidian Prince

The Obsidian Prince is a being who is the main antagonist of the series, using the powers of the HiMEs to his own ends. The Obsidian Prince possesses one of the characters, but is not revealed until the final parts of the series. He seeks to recreate the world to his own desires by using the powers of the strongest HiME.


In the anime and Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, Reito Kanzaki is the vessel for the Obsidian Prince, while Takumi Tokiha is the vessel in the manga. The Obsidian Prince's true weakness is none other than the Satsui no Hadou as said above, when Oni performs his Meido Gohado on the Obsidian Prince; it also left Reito critically wounded.


These are powerful HiMEs in the Mai-HiME manga enhanced by the power of the Obsidian Prince. This acronym stands for Quaint Elemental Enchantress. The three QUEENs in the manga are Marie Antoinette, Yang Guifei and Mai Tokiha.


In Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, the term QUEEN is a title given to a HiME who utilizes the Satsui no Hadou. In one case, Natsuki Kuga. According to Gill, a HiME will be addressed as a QUEEN when she has put the Satsui no Hadou to its fullest extened and becoming one with her power. 

The said HiME will NOT sacrifice her humanity if she has benevolent intentions of using the Satsui no Hadou to destroy the Obsidian Prince. In order to destroy the Obsidian Prince, the QUEEN must summon all warriors (namely several characters from the Street Fighter roster) and the other HiMEs to gang up the Obsidian Prince by performing their Ultra Combos against him, before Oni can do his Meido Gohado.

After defeating the Obsidian Prince and Bison, the QUEEN (Natsuki) must clash against a being of pure evil (Oni) in a fight to the death inside the Obsidian Palace; with the palace itself in a verge of destruction during the duration of the battle.



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