Hey, everyone. By now I'm sure you're aware that Alex was recently released as the first DLC fighter of the new Street Fighter V. That's cool how they just brought him over from Street Fighter 3. It gave me the idea of trying to think of who else from the older games should be added as DLC to SFV - how their design might change, what their specials would be like, their moves in the V-system, an idea for their Critical Art, and how they would fit into the story. I liked the idea, so I ran with it, and so far the only idea I've come up with is Sagat.

Literally the only game Sagat hasn't been in so far is Street Fighter 3; I thought Capcom ought to bring him into SFV. I didn't think his design should change that much, except for making his giant scar a little more realistic. His specials have barely changed throughout the series, so I wouldn't change a damn thing about those (maybe you might, but not me). Ideas for what his V-system moves would be were a little tricky. For his V-skill, I thought of 'Tiger Claw'; he would raise his left hand (or right, depending on which direction he's facing) and bring it down in a big slashing motion across his opponent's chest. My idea for his V-trigger was called 'Tiger Lunge'; he would leap into a Tiger Knee Crush similar to Tiger Genocide, and if it hits an opponent without guard, he would slam his opponent down, then sort of throw him/her forward with a 'Tiger Claw'. Haven't got a clue about what his V-reversal would do yet.

My idea for his Critical Art is called 'Jungle Cat Fury'. It starts out with a High Step Kick to propel the foe upward, which, if it lands successfully is followed by a flaming Tiger Uppercut to send the foe shooting up, then Sagat jumps up to grab his foe and perform a Tiger Knee Crusher to carry the foe downward, like Alex's Heavy Hammer, and slams into the ground of the stage to finish. This epic critical art would be a 26-hit combo that does damage equal to Vega's Bloody Rain.

Okay I've rambled on enough about my idea, so now I want to hear from you. Does this sound good for a SFV Sagat? Who would you like to see revived in SFV? Let me know if you have a full idea like the one I presented or if you want me to come up with something cool for a fighter you want to bring back as a DLC fighter.

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