"To challenge me is to challenge my army."

   "Now ready to commence the attack! (これより戦闘を開始する! Kore yori sentou o kaishi suru!?)" 
   —Rolento (Street Fighter IV series) 
Rolento F. Schugerg (ロレント・F・シュゲルグ Rorento F Shugerugu?) is a video game character who debuted as a boss in the beat-em-up game Final Fight, before appearing as a playable fighter in the Street Fighter series starting with Street Fighter Alpha 2. He is a former member of the Mad Gear Gang, obsessed with turning Metro City into a military utopia.
Rolento is a muscular, athletic and acrobatic German-American man with solid white eyes (depicted as pupil-less in most official artworks), pronounced jaw and cheekbones, and a scar running down from his forehead through his nose bridge and into the left side of his face.

In his appearance in the original Final Fight, Rolento wore green tiger stripe camouflage fatigues, and his staff and grenades were brown in color. In the Street Fighter series, he now wears a yellow military outfit with a red beret on his head, a red scarf on his neck, leather weapon belts going over his shoulders, brown militia leather boots and fingerless gloves and fights with a green staff and grenades. His staff and grenades were changed to a brownish-green hue in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Rolento can be described as a somewhat "twisted" (though very far from being evil) patriot, who consistently bases his entire life, dialogues and behaviors in the "strict military veteran" stereotype, with a rather fanatical zeal. He is often heard praising absolute order and discipline and despising any rebellious or "inadequate" behavior. Having fought in countless wars, particularly the Vietnam War, Rolento is an expert in guerrilla tactics, psychological warfare and weaponry such as knives and grenades, making him a dangerous ace-on-sleeve opponent.

His greatest dream is to build a utopia-style military nation, with himself as its supreme ruler; despite this, the people would ideally be happy, live their plain lives and have freedom to carve their own fates. Any form of violation against the people's rights (such as any dystopic or totalitarian regimen) would be ignoble in his world view; in the Alpha series, Rolento plots to overthrow the diabolical M. Bison and make his dream come true, though he completely scoffs at the usage of the Shadaloo machine known as the Psycho Drive, refusing to contemplate the possibility of brainwashing his would-be citizens. As twisted as he is, his acknowledgement of free will is, perhaps, his most redeeming quality. Rolento is also more than willing to recruit anyone he can - even former enemies or Mad Gear criminals - to this end.

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