Now hey, everybody, I've got a question.

Who else can't stand M. Bison's new Street Fighter 5 design? Because I can't.

Now, I don't want to just be negative, but his new look in SF5 just seems really dissapointing. In fact, I honestly would have preferred a return to his SF2 design rather than what they decided to do.

Now, in SF4, they could have done better, but they did succed in making a badass, good-looking Bison, which approximates his (in my opinion) best design, that of Street Fighter 3. I really liked the huge, hulking Bison, the guy who looks like he wouldn't need the Psycho Power to outmuscle Zangief or Hugo. The cape was also an epic adition, making him look much more imposing.

He got a bit smaller in SF4, which is understandable given that his massive bulk probably wouldn't look very realistic in a 3-D model. Now, I wasn't a fan of this decision, but he still looks pretty epic, and he has a great outfit. On the other hand, he dosen't fight in his cape, and his stance dosen't seem quite right.

And then there's his SF5 incarnation. First of all, I can't put my finger on it, but the upper half of his outfit just dosen't look as cool as it used to. And that lower half. That damn lower half. They made Bison look feminine. I know that that kind of outfit is common in Asia, but Bison obviously isn't Asian, and it takes away from his solid, unstoppable appearance. Even his face isn't right. He looks... kind of fat, with a wide chin. And his ears are even kind of odd, too big, I think. Finally, his facial expression isn't right either. In SF4, his general expression is either one of constant anger, or a smile that could be described as nothing other than maniacal. In SF5, however, this gets messed up as well, with his smile looking a bit smaller, a bit less insane, and a lot less cool. One final thing. That belt buckle. The lightning bolt looked cool on his SF4 design, but in SF5 it looks blockier, and chunkier, and just kind of makes him look lame. I know I'm nitpicking right now, but why did they have to change that of all things? 

Anybody else have an opinion on this?

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