Within Metro City, the stories of mayor Mike Haggar and his lead on the manpower driven fight against the despotic Mad Gear Gang made the stuff of legends; not just in its streets, but to all of America and possibly the rest of the modern world. Mad Gear themselves are also something of a legend in their own right; a self held gang of bad dudes and crude attitudes looking for the next riot to crash and an easy way to gain bank in the rough and disparate streets of 1980's America brought on by the ignored excess and neglect in society caused by "The Man."

However, there is one curious, and hushed remnant that has long dodged public awareness since Mad Gear's Fall. While the Terrorist Wave Breakout of 1990 made its way into Metro's streets as well, it is believed that such terrorism was not that of foreign influence nor domestic terrorists themselves. Through much research and weaving through interviews and urban rumors, there had existed a toxic and malignant remnant since the true end of Mad Gear: Skull Cross.

This series of documentation will entail the true identities and details of those responsible for the Terrorist Wave Breakout of 1990, and their motives.

The Skull Cross Gang

Skull Cross was a street gang said to be originated as a subordinate of Mad Gear during its establishing years. Said to have been the reserve for the worst of the worst even for Mad Gear, Skull Cross was a gang on call for some of the more dirty and ugly work that Belger refused to push onto Mad Gear for fear of major political and public reprisal. Along with hardcore extortions and even executions of those heavily indebted to Mad Gear, Skull Cross was also sent for the annihilation of rival gangs, assassinations, extremely violent street fights, intimidation regarding sexual assault and rape, and covert ties to military infrastructure. It is believed that due to their brutality and ruthlessness they displayed in their activities that Skull Cross gained their name.

As the worst of the worst of Mad Gear, Skull Cross's ranks were comprised heavily of repeat offenders, career criminals, and even to highly wanted convicts and serial killers. In juxtaposition with Mad Gear's petty criminals and on call thugs who sought the gang for a sense of camaraderie and easy money, Skull Cross's members were said to have joined in the sense of anarchy and destruction for its own sake, and to rebel against the modern world, which they viewed in the perspective was sick, corrupted, conniving, and nurturing weakness. Outside of gang work, it is said some of them were responsible for unsolved crimes they did out of pure pleasure of doing so.

After Belger's fall, Skull Cross was said to have took the place of their leader and continued to uphold whatever influence the gang had left in Metro City in silent activity. After the second fall of Mad Gear's attempt at worldwide domination, Skull Cross then took initiative into their own hands to rule the streets of Metro City, "their way".



A wanted man who hails from outside of Metro City, Caine was said to have originated as a small town mechanic operating a garage with his brother after dropping out of high school. Rather belligerent and bellicose, Caine was in his youth a bully who often picked on those lesser than him for fun and out of pure arrogance of "being a man" due to his growth spurts and interests in cars and weightlifting; ironically, Caine was said to have been nearsighted, and refused glasses in fear of looking like his "geeky and nerdy" victims. After a night where his high school victims got payback on him, Caine mistakenly killed his brother the next day in a fit of misguided rage in public after mistaking him for one of his victimizers, and immediately left town to avoid arrest; along with his brother, Caine's escape by car lead him to plow through a crowd of bystanders at a crosswalk, leaving many of them serious injured and at least three people dead, including two children. Forced to exist on the lam, Caine was said to have survived through a career of robbery and theft, including carjacking, home invasion, and mugging, until he was recognized by Skull Cross as a worthy member to be included in their ranks. Caine thrived in Skull Cross as a mechanic for their custom automobiles and car theft ring, until the day when Skull Cross found themselves at the mercy of Mike Haggar and his crew of vigilante warriors.

After his arrest by the authorities of Metro City, he faces three consecutive life sentences for third degree manslaughter and with no chance of parole.


A Chinese American native to Metro City, Wong was the second youngest of his family of 6 who grew up in the slums of Metro City's Chinatown. Having an interest in his heritage's proud line of martial arts, Wong worked his way up out of poverty and even spent time overseas to study martial arts in China. Much to his noble pursuits however, Wong was malignantly influenced to the life of glitz and glamor as a gangster in the materialistic underworld of red lights and seediness, and intended to come back home to establish himself as one of Metro City's most prominent crime lords. Expelled from a powerful yet virtuous school of martial arts in China for his ruthlessness and arrogance, Wong was further impelled to throw his weight around during his establishing years as a crime lord. Along with overtaking control of much of Metro's Chinatown businesses with force and intimidation, Wong ran prostitution rings, human trafficking operations, a hidden black market underground, deathmatch cage fighting rings, and even a restaurant money laundering scheme through organizing a team of inside men who would smuggle food and resources within wholesalers as workers and managers, allowing his restaurants to thrive with little expenditure via theft. Due to his powerful influence, Skull Cross formed an alliance with Wong and offered him their protection.

Wong was said to have died immediately after encountering Guy, sustaining a serious injury to his abdominal region that caused major internal bleeding. It is believed that this was the result of a birth defect on his stomach, which is also believed why he had such a big belly.

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