Street Fighter X Tekken was recently released for the PSVita, bringing the both fighting series together on the handheld. Battle against opponents online, customize your characters costumes, and become an unbeatable warrior. Here are five things you need to know about Street Fighter X Tekken

1. Modified Engine

Street Fighter X Tekken runs on a modified Street Fighter IV engine, and includes various gameplay modes. The biggest difference in this game is the focus on Tag Team combat. While the game is set within the Street Fighter game play style, the Tag format is borrowed from the Tekken series. If one character in a team of two is knocked out, then the round is over. This requires players to constantly keep an eye on their character health.


2. The Characters

The game includes the most game in any Street Fighter series, with 25 Street Fighter characters and 25 Tekken characters. Exclusive for the PS3 and Vita versions are guest characters that can also be played as. These guest characters include American Box Art Megaman, Pac-Man, Toro, Kuro, and Cole MacGrath. The game also includes other characters from Street Fighter and Tekken, but as non-playable characters, such as E. Honda, Armor King, and Oni.


3. Online Play

Players can search for partners or opponents using the PlayStation Network. There are several different modes for online play, such as ranked matches. Wins and losses will effect your Battle Point Ranking in online play. Endless Battle allows for nonstop battles to be fought with multiple characters. Scramble Battle is also included, which allows for four players to fight onscreen.

4. Gem System

The game includes a new feature called the Gem System, where players can equip three gems in order to enhance their abilities or stats. These gems can be used to cover weaknesses, support a specific character’s play style, and other enhancements. Some of these gems can only be activated when certain conditions are met. For example, being hit by a certain number of attacks could trigger a gem’s ability. Gem types include Attack Gems, Defense Gems, Speed Gems, Cross Gauge Gems, Vitality Gems, and Assist Gems.

5. Alternate Costumes

Special DLC costumes, called Swap Costumes are available for all characters within Tekken X. Street Fighter. All Street Fighter characters wear costumes inspired by Tekken characters, and all Tekken characters wear costumes inspired by Street Fighter characters. Also included are color edits, which allows for the player to customize costume layers, such as skin, hair, and all types of clothes.


Special Vita Features

Street Fighter X Tekken was recently released for the PSVita, and this re-release came with exclusive features for this version. Some of these features include:

Cross Platform Play

Players on the PSVita will be able to play against PS3 players.

KO Monument

Collect trophies from players you beat, build the ultimate KO monument

Ad-Hoc Fighting Request

This mode allows you to automatically challenge other PLaystation Vita owners in your area to matches.

Cross Controller Support

As a free update, the PSVita can be used as a controller for the PS3 version.

Gallery Mode

Collect different sounds and movies in game and play them in the gallery.

Free Alternate Costumes

The game includes 38 freely available costumes that can be equipped.

Playstation 3/PSVita Data Sharing

All purchased DLC on the PS3 version of Street Fighter x Tekken can be used in the vita version, and vice versa.

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