StreetFighterXTekkenHeader With the upcoming release of Street Fighter X Tekken for the Playstation Vita handheld console, it was about time to backtrack and look at the overall reception of this crossover fighting game. Bridging together two beloved fighting game franchises, The Vita version contains a few bonus characters, but all other elements remain the same. Now, let's see how critics weigh in!

Leave us your thoughts on the game in the comments. Was it a successful crossover? Did you like the modifcations to the SF4 mechanics? Excited to see Namco's Tekken X Street Fighter?

Liked It



"The fast pace of the combat and fluidity of the tag mechanics truly bring Street Fighter X Tekken to the top of the fighting game heap...A fantastic fighting game that nails the basic fighting mechanics while daring to take a few risks with the formula as we know it; the pressure is on Namco Bandai to deliver something better with Tekken X Street Fighter."



"The core gameplay is top notch and is sure to please even the most hardcore fighting gamer. This crossover series has been long anticipated and the wait was well worth it."

Game Informer


"If you're a casual player looking for some throwaway fighting fun, this isn't for you-especially if you like playing online against strangers. On the other hand, moderate to hardcore players are going to find a lot to absorb in Street Fighter X Tekken, and players with patience will be rewarded for it."



"Street Fighter X Tekken is a worthy new fighting game franchise for Capcom, one that brings together two unlikely groups of foes in a game that blends a more traditional style of gameplay with some very interesting-if not slightly controversial-new ideas."



"Street Fighter X Tekken is fun for a wide range of players while still offering the complexity serious fighting fans have come to expect."



"As an experiment and a sequel... Street Fighter X Tekken is still a resounding and admirable success, and further proof than Ono-san is hiding true genius behind those scruffy cords and pudgy cheeks. In this battle of Street Fighter and Tekken, Capcom has landed the first knockout blow. I can't wait to see how Namco responds."

Thought it was OK

Game Planet


"Street Fighter X Tekken will likely prove a fairly popular title, as a competently delivered new edition to an iconic franchise. However, as a long awaited cross-over of two of the most important fighting titles in gaming history, it ultimately feels like an opportunity missed - the whole being nowhere near the sum of its parts."

Hated It

No middling reviews for Street Fighter X Tekken have been received yet.

Wikian Reviews

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