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    So far...there are 22 characters in Street Fighter V and if they were to put an arcade mode and have rival cutscenes, this is what I PERSONALLY, think they should be. Remember respect everyone's opinion.

    Ryu rival could be Ken/Necalli. We all know about Ryu and Ken's rivalry.......And Necalli,

    Ken rival could be Ryu/Karin. Yea we know...Ryu. But Karin and Ken pretty much get along well, and they are fighting buddies also so yea....

    Chun-Li rival could be Charlie/M. Bison. This would explain why Charlie might kill her.......and we know why I put Bison....

    Dhalsim rival could be Birdie/Necalli. Idk Birdie should just fight Dhalsim (LOL)... Necalli again....

    Cammy rival could be Vega/Juri. Vega and Cammy's interactions are sooo interesting....mean…

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    Hi guys, here is my list for characters who should've been in Street Fighter IV and their rivals and why.

    7. Birdie - Birdie needs a bigger back story and would've been perfect for SFIV. Rival: Hakan/Chun-Li: I think Birdie and Hakan have similar traits and would be good rivals. As for Chun-Li, she probably would've attempted to arrest him like in SFV.

    6. Oro - He should've been in the ORIGINAL 2009 version tbh. He has a great move set and great story. Rival: Akuma/Dhalsim: I think Akuma and Oro would be perfect rivals, they both are powerful. As for Dhalsim, I think they could've started their rivalry here.

    5. Maki - Maki is one of the best ninjas in the SF series, and her rivalry with Guy would've set it all. Rival: Guy/Cody: With Guy, she …

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    Commenting on Wikias

    July 19, 2016 by Worksponge

    Guys, I know this wikia has pros & cons when it comes to a comment section. But as long as we have active Admins (24/7) watching the wikia, then the comment section would be good. People have their opinions. At the SB wiki is someone vandalises then an active Admin handles it right away. Just saying. I think we should have a vote for who wants a comment section, & who doesn't. DEBATE TIME! 👍👎

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    Guys should there be a Shadow Falls pt. 2? With new DLC I think it'll we should. The main story had a lot of loose ends. What do you guys think?

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  • Worksponge

    Guys, who do you think should be in the 2nd Street Fighter 5 DLC?

    My list







    (2 New Characters)

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