Hi guys, here is my list for characters who should've been in Street Fighter IV and their rivals and why.

7. Birdie - Birdie needs a bigger back story and would've been perfect for SFIV. Rival: Hakan/Chun-Li: I think Birdie and Hakan have similar traits and would be good rivals. As for Chun-Li, she probably would've attempted to arrest him like in SFV.

6. Oro - He should've been in the ORIGINAL 2009 version tbh. He has a great move set and great story. Rival: Akuma/Dhalsim: I think Akuma and Oro would be perfect rivals, they both are powerful. As for Dhalsim, I think they could've started their rivalry here.

5. Maki - Maki is one of the best ninjas in the SF series, and her rivalry with Guy would've set it all. Rival: Guy/Cody: With Guy, she probably wanted another fight. And Cody, she could've asked him questions about Guy/Alex: SFIV needed mor GRAPPLE CHARACTERS!! Everyone wanted Alex in Street Fighter IV, and he could've perfectly fit in in Super. Rival: Zangief/Abel: With Zangief, they could've just known each other better, especially since they are both buff wrestlers. And with Abel, Alex and him would be PERFECT rivals.

3. Remy: Yes, finally Remy. This should've been him before he turned Gothic and his sister was still alive. He could've had a great personality and unique moveset. Rival: C.Viper/Rose: I think Viper and her moveset could've rivaled his, and she could've been investigating his family. Rose and him has a similar moveset too, with Rose telling him the future.

2. Karin: Ah, I really wanted her to be in SFIV. She has a great moveset, and the character would've fitted in with the story. Rival: Sakura/Ryu: Of course everyone knows the rivalry between Karin and Sakura, this is where they could've been friends, here. Now with Ryu, Karin could've considered him a worthy opponent, testing her and his skills.

1. R.Mika: THIS CHARACTER SHOULD'VE BEEN ON SFIV FROM DAY 1!!! Mika's moves and character could've easily, I mean easily, fit in this game! I mean like I really thought she going to be in this game! Her story would've been wonderful. Rival: Zangief/Makoto: Everyone knows Mika idolizes the Red Cyclone! I would have loved to see them together in SFIV seeing them train, enough said. Now I know Mika+Makoto is odd, butt actually I consider them rivals. Mika could've bring up how awesome wrestling is, while Makoto disagreed, implying Karate is better. I mean imagine their Rival Cutscene; it would've made me play Street Fighter IV a lot more! 

That's all, what do you guys think? Do you agree? Any other suggestions? Disagree? And please note that if (IMO) if Charlie was in this game SFV would've been a lot more messed up, so that's why I didn't include him. And I actually consider R.Mika and Poison rivals, but I don't think they would've been GREAT rivals in SFIV.