Hello guys, it's me, Worksponge, with another blog! 

I realized I haven't been active in this wiki like I used to. So here is another interesting blog!

Story Mode Pt. 2

So as you guys know, there was the "A Shadow Falls" story mode. However, I don't know if you guys noticed, but some of the recent stories for some characters make me think there will be a second story mode. After all, there was that leak last year that said that. Who knows though?

With Falke coming, I can add more to my theory. But the character story modes that take place after A Shadow Falls possibly hints at a 2nd cinematic story mode. What do you guys think? 


That's all for the day! Anyways, please stay tuned for more blogs and tell more users to join the wiki! What do you think about a 2nd Cinematic Story Mode?? 

Xoxo, Worksponge💗💕