When the V-Gauge has one bar. It allow the player to use a V-Reversal.

The V-Reversal (Vリバーサル V Ribaasaru?) is a mechanic introduced in Street Fighter V. V-Reversal is one of three divisions of the V-Gauge along the V-Skill and V-Trigger.


Executed by moving forward and pressing all punch or kick buttons while blocking, the V-Reversal uses one bar of the V-Gauge to perform a counter attack, similar to the Alpha Counter of the Street Fighter Alpha series. V-Reversals all deal Provisional Damage.

V-Reversals Edit

Character V-Reversal
Abigail Ontario Drop
Akuma Gosenkyaku
Alex Big Boot
Balrog Buffalo Headbutt
Birdie Pepper Pot
Cammy Strike Back
Chun-Li Sou Hakkei
Dhalsim Yoga Mala
Ed Kill Step
F.A.N.G Nikaiho
Guile Reverse Back Knuckle
Ibuki Hanagasumi
Juri Kaisenrenkyaku
Karin Yasha Gaeshi
Ken Senpu Nataotoshi
Kolin Third Eye
Laura Double Slap
M. Bison Psycho Burst
Menat Left Eye of the Lion
Nash Sonic Move
Necalli The Calling
R. Mika Peach Gator
Rashid Sliding Roll
Ryu Hashogeki
Urien Anger Snap Fist
Vega Back Slash
Zangief Muscle Explosion
Zeku Toushi

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