Victor Ortega (ヴィクター・オルテガ Vuikutā Orutega?) is a character and the final boss from Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II, the second game in the Slam Masters series of wrestling fighting games.

Ortega appeared in the intro and ending of the original Saturday Night Slam Masters, but was not playable until the sequel. His nickname is the Muscle Bomber.

Story Edit


The Capcom Wrestling Association's first undefeated champion, Victor Ortega's reign at the top began after he pulverized the top-ranking wrestler. Then suddenly, he mysteriously disappeared from the ring when there was no one left strong enough to give him a decent challenge and remained missing for over a year.

Shortly before the "International Blowout" began, Ortega resurfaced and agreed to The Scorpion's stipulations (which involved Ortega wagering his championship belt) in order to participate in the fight once again.


He seems to have been based on former wrestler Superstar Billy Graham. Ortega's win pose resembles one of Hulk Hogan's trademark poses (in real life, Hogan also partially based his gimmick on Superstar Graham's tactics).

Other appearancesEdit

Ortega makes a cameo appearance in Ken's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2, alongside Biff Slamkovich.

He is also mentioned in Darun Mister's backstory, as one of the wrestlers he aspires to challenge someday.[1]

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