Vulcano Rosso (ヴルカーノ・ロッソ Vurukāno Rosso?), also known as V. Rosso, is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX2 Plus. He is a mysterious Italian fighter seeking revenge for the murder of his lover.



Vulcano Rosso wears black gloves with a zipped up suit that is orange, black and white, along with a red turtleneck jumper, his outfit resembling the colors of a volcano. His hairstyle is similar to Charlie Nash's, his hair is black with white streaks mixed in.

In his Shadaloo Combat Research Institute profile artwork, his appearance remains largely the same, his jumper is now a reddish shade of magenta.


Not much is known about Rosso's personality. He is a calm and confident person, but a raging but wounded soul is lying behind. Since the death of his lover, he has had a great desire for revenge.



A rather mysterious combatant, Vulcano Rosso is a dandy fighter born in Italy who lives on a base located somewhere on the Mediterranean Sea. Rosso was a member of a mysterious organization trying to take over Europe, but left after his lover was killed by a traitorous member. Her death caused him to develop a burning desire for revenge, it being his primary motivation for fighting.

At some point he came into contact with several members of the Las Vegas bodyguard organization known as the "Crackers", and became acquainted with one of it's high-ranking members, Cracker Jack.[1]

Street Fighter EX3 Edit

In his Street Fighter EX3 ending, Rosso returns to his base after a long absence. As he watches a flock of seagulls playing in the southern wind, he suddenly feels an overwhelming sense of regret for all the pressure and pain he has caused. He thinks to himself, "...Adios" (given that "Adios" means goodbye in Spanish, this may imply that he commits suicide, but his fate is left ambiguous).

Fighting styleEdit

Vulcano has the ability to create violent and dangerous attacks that utilize lava and volcanic eruptions. Several of his attacks incorporate kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do, specifically in his use of combining high-flying kicks with grabs and punches.


Rosso's gameplay is based on brutally fast and long combo burning attacks.

Special BlowsEdit

  • Vesuvius: Two punches followed with a dropkick that sends the opponent away.
  • Vulcanus: A wave vertical short-ranged fire.
  • Canossa: Rosso adopts a defensive position. If the opponent hits him, Rosso counters with a key.
  • Sciara del Fuoco: Rosso moves very quickly from side to side of the opponent.

Super CombosEdit

  • Bridge of Sighs: Violent four combo punches, followed by Rosso hopping on one knee and stomping on the opponent's face to make him fall.
  • Torre pendente di Pisa: Rosso raises a lava column diagonally, sending burning rival far enough.
  • Terra di Achele: Rosso does series of kicks and punches while advancing forward.

Meteor ComboEdit

  • Quattro Panorami: Brutal attack in which Rosso grabs the enemy, and after hitting him in the stomach, he lets him fall to the ground. He stomps on his head, turns and finishes him off with a column of lava followed by a kick.

Stage ThemesEdit


  • His special attack, Vesuvius, is named after the dangerous active volcano of the same name in Italy.
  • Vulcano bears a resemblance to Maxi, a character from the Soul Calibur series.
  • One of his win animations is similar to Vega's pre-fight animation in Street Fighter V.
  • Vulcano shares some things in common with Marco Rossi from SNK's Metal Slug, they both are Italian, have similar hairstyles and their last names both have "Ross" in it.
  • Vulcano Rosso's design is most likely a reference to the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • His design is quite outlandish (like many other characters in the JoJo series), featuring a strange hairstyle, and a costume with many zippers, similar to Bruno Bucciarati's clothes.
    • It can also be argued that one of his victory stances is a strong reference to JoJo, since many of the characters are known to do poses when they reach the highlight of a chapter.
    • Many of his moves may be a reference to famous actions done by characters in JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, including (but not limited to):
      • His grab, Digestivo is most likely a reference to DIO's gut punch to Noriaki Kakyoin.
      • His full-bar Super, "Quattro Panorama", is most likely a reference to DIO's battle with Jotaro Kujo, with moves like stomping repeatedly while saying "Muda" (useless), and ending it with an explosive "Torre Pendente", like DIO's iconic "Road Roller".
  • In Fighting EX Layer, the color of Bloody Hokuto's hair is black and white like Vulcano Rosso's in her assassin persona as Shirase.


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