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The Whirlwind Shot (ワールウインド・ショット Wāruuindo Shotto?) is one of Rashid's special attacks introduced in Street Fighter V.

Description Edit

By doing a quarter-circle forward and kick motion, Rashid spins and kicks sends a small twister spiraling upwards a small distance in front of him. The projectile goes a different distance depending on the button held, with LK sending it the farthest distance, HP sending it the closest range, and the MK and EX version being in the middle radius. The time it takes to send the tornado also depends on which button pressed, with LK sending it the quickest, HK being the slowest, and the MK and EX versions being average. The number of hits also depends on the version used, with LK hitting once, HK and MK hitting twice, and the EX version hitting three times.

Tactics Edit

Whirlwind Shot is a very good anti-air technique, with Rashid being able to follow-up with other attacks should it hit. Since the projectile goes upwards rather than straight, it's discouraged to use it in a projectile war, unless going against F.A.N.G.'s and Dhalsim's projectiles. In close range, the Rashid can use this to pressure the opponent in his combos, due its fast approach. He can cancel a heavy and EX Whirlwind Shot into either his V-Skills, making him flip or roll a greater distance.

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