Flyer from S.I.N.'s tournament

The World Fighting Championship[1] (ワールドバトルトーナメント Wārudo Batoru Tōnamento?, "World Battle Tournament") is the primary tournament all the Street Fighters participate in. It is alternatively known as the World Warrior Tournament or simply the Street Fighter Tournament. Several different organizations have hosted this tournament.


The first World Fighting Championship was held by Sagat with Ryu emerging as the champion. The second was held by M. Bison and Shadaloo in which Akuma killed Bison, though there isn't an official winner. The third was held by S.I.N., and the fourth by Gill's organization, the Illuminati, in which Alex won officially after being sought after by the organization itself.


There's no real restrictions in the tournament, and weapons (including firearms) are allowed. There's no class distinction or grade requirement and any fighting style is welcome. Winner is decided by knockout. In Street Fighter II, the contender would face Balrog, Vega and Sagat and then finally Bison. In Street Fighter IV, the contender would fight their rival and then fight Seth.

Known ParticipantsEdit

First Tournament (Inaugural)Edit

Second Tournament (Shadaloo)Edit

Third Tournament (S.I.N.)Edit

Fourth Tournament (Illuminati)Edit




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