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The World Warrior Tournament is the primary tournament all the Street Fighters participate in. Several Different organizations have hosted this tournament.


The first World Warrior Tournament was held by Sagat with Ryu emerging as the champion. The Second was held by M.Bison and Shadowloo. The Third was held by S.I.N and a fourth by Gill's Organization.


There's no real restrictions in the tournament and weapons (including firearms) are allowed. There's no class distinction or grade requirement and any fighting style is welcome. Winner is decided by knockout. In Street Fighter 2 the contender would face Balrog, Vega and Sagat and then Finally Bison. In Street fighter 4, The contender would fight his rival then fight Seth.

Known ParticipantsEdit

First Tournament

Ryu Ken Geki Eagle Adon Retsu Mike Joe Lee Gen Sagat

Second Tournament

Ryu Ken Guile Chun Li Cammy Blanka Dee Jay Dhalsim Fei-Long T. Hawk E. Honda Balrog Vega Sagat M.Bisobn


  • World Warrior is supposed to be the official name but many either call it the Grand Fight or Simply Street Fighter Tournament.
  • Ryu is a Three time champion.

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