Yamato Nadeshiko (大和ナデシコ?) is a character in the Street Fighter series who first appeared on the cover of Capcom's Secret File from the arcade version of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Yamato's name is actually the Japanese phrase for the concept of the "perfect" or "ideal" woman.


Yamato is a hot-blooded female wrestler from the IJWPW, and R. Mika's former tag team partner. She is also the sole daughter of a family that runs a long-established inn.

Her hobbies include tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, and archery.[1]


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Nadeshiko has her black hair worn in a bob cut, with her fringes lying between her ears and face.

She wears a red and white leotard with red wrestling boots and white kneecaps with a red spot in the middle of each of them, looking similar to Hinomaru (the Japanese flag). Sticking to the Rising Sun motif, Nadeshiko has a red spot on the top of her leotard, going from her neck and down to her cleavage, as well as two red stripes at the bottom on either side, with the lower stripes going along the outside and the upper stripes going around her waist. She also wears white wrist straps on each hand and a grey patch on her left elbow, acting similar to a sleeve.


Nadeshiko was first shown and named in the Capcom Secret File for Street Fighter Alpha 3; she and R. Mika were tag partners prior to R. Mika going solo during the events of the game.

She makes her first appearance in the games in Street Fighter V as part of R. Mika's V-Trigger, Nadeshiko, with Mika calling her to assist in attacks. She also assists Mika in her Peach Assault Critical Art.

Yasha NadeshikoEdit

Yamato's Street Fighter V profile reveals that she has a secret wrestler persona known as Yasha Nadeshiko (夜叉撫子?), which surfaced soon after R. Mika decided to go solo. She hides her identity by painting her face instead of using a mask, and wears a different midriff-baring costume (though with the same color scheme). As Yasha, she is more prone to trash talk and being more rough in and out of the ring.[1]



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