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The Yami Shigure (闇時雨? "Darkness Drizzle") is Ibuki's third Super Art in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Yami Shigure replaced Hashinsho, Ibuki's third Super Art in New Generation and 2nd Impact, making it the only Super Art that was changed in the Street Fighter III series. It made a return in Street Fighter X Tekken as part of Ibuki's Cross Art.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter III series Super Art Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing punch, Ibuki throws three kunai into the ground directly in front of her. If these kunai hit the opponent, she will then perform several dashing attacks back and forth past the opponent.


The attack is unusual in that the followup dashes will even initiate if the kunai hit something other than the opponent. For example, Sean's basketball or Dudley's rose can both be hit to start the attack.


  • The inclusion of this Super Art makes her one of two characters with more than 3 Super Arts in the series (the other being Akuma).
  • This move serves as the basis for her Cross Art In Street Fighter X Tekken.


SFIII 3rd Strike - Yami-Shigure and Ibuki00:33

SFIII 3rd Strike - Yami-Shigure and Ibuki

Demonstration of Sean and Dudley's taunts triggering the Yami Shigure in SFIII.

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