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"Yoga Catastrophe! (ヨガ~! カタストロフィー! Yogaa! Katasutorofii!?)"

The Yoga Catastrophe (ヨガカタストロフィー Yoga Katasutorofii?) is one of Dhalsim's Ultra Combos in Street Fighter IV and his Critical Art now renamed as Yoga Sunburst in Street Fighter V.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch x3
Dhalsim 300


Yoga Catastrophe

Yoga Catastrophe about to hit Vega in Street Fighter IV.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward? motions and pressing all 3 punch buttons, Dhalsim spits out a slow-moving giant ball of flame that hits 5 times on contact.

In Street Fighter V, Dhalsim breathes in, making his belly enlarge. He then spits out a slow-moving giant ball of flame that arcs and hits the opponent.


Though the fireball moves too slowly to be a serious threat on its own, Dhalsim recovers quickly after performing the move, allowing him to attack his opponent as they try to avoid it. An interesting tactic is to use the Yoga Catastrophe, then Yoga Teleport behind the opponent and force them into it, e.g. with Yoga Inferno.



Super Street Fighter 4 - Dhalsim Ultra 1 Yoga Catastrophe00:10

Super Street Fighter 4 - Dhalsim Ultra 1 Yoga Catastrophe

Yoga Catastrophe (Japanese voices).

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