The Yoga Fire (ヨガファイア Yoga Faia?) is one of Dhalsim's special attacks, introduced along with him in Street Fighter II.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch



Official art of the Yoga Fire from Street Fighter II.

Executed the same as the Hadoken, Dhalsim breathes a small fireball that moves across the screen, burning an opponent if it touches him or her. In Street Fighter II, the attack had the same range as Hadoken, traveling across the entire stage; in Street Fighter Alpha 2, it would slowly fizz out over time. In Street Fighter V, Dhalsim sends the fireball upwards at an angle, reaching a certain distance depending on the punch button pressed before descending at the same pace.

The speed, damage and duration of the fireball are determined by the punch button pressed: light punch version travels the slowest and deals the least damage but goes the entire screen; heavy punch version travels the fastest and deals the most damage but disappears right after half screen length; and medium punch version balances in-between and goes almost full screen length.

The EX Special version introduced in Street Fighter IV has no startup lag (making it somehow good for "projectile wars" with proper timing), produces a bigger fireball that hits twice, travels faster than heavy punch version and does not dissipate. The EX version from SFV breathes the fireball forwards and does multiple hits.


The move is not always effective in projectile wars due to startup lag (unless EX), travel speed and eventual dissipation, being thus best to finish combos rapidly, keep opponents at bay, punish a dizzy or cornered opponent, or only in case of a sure hit.


  • Capcom of USA once claimed that Dhalsim's ability to use this move came from his curry diet, but this has since been retconned by Capcom of Japan to be a blessing from the Hindu fire god, Agni.




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