Yoga Float is Dhalsim's V-Skill in Street Fighter V. It is very similar to Yoga Floating from the Marvel vs. Capcom games.

Description Edit


Dhalsim jumps into the air and floats for a few seconds. He can use all airborne attacks while he is in the air, including his Yoga Teleport. Dhalsim can also activate while jumping.


This tool gives Dhalsim some mobility. It allows him to levitate in the air for a couple of seconds. It can be done while standing to get a small height, or during a jump to get to higher parts of the screen. It can only be used once per jump.

He is also able to teleport after using his V-skill making it easier for him to travel around the screen. However, he cannot use his V-Skill to levitate after he teleports. He also cannot levitate after using any attack in the air. Nevertheless, with his floaty jump, teleport, and V-Skill, Dhalsim can move and attack in the air from many different angles.