The Yoga Spear (ドリルキック, Doriru Kikku, "Drill Kick") is one of Dhalsim's unique attacks. It was introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix as the Drill. This move is also similar to Necro's Drill Kick.
All appearances Arcade Modifier Air Arcade-Stick-Down + Arcade Button Kick (can be used on ground in Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix)


Yoga spear

The 3 different versions of the Yoga Spear, with the angle depending on the button strength.

Executed by pressing downward and kick in midair, Dhalsim performs a drill-like kick with an angle determined by the kick button's strength. The Light version goes in a 45° angle in a quick manner. The Medium version goes in a slightly sharper angle, but is a slightly slower. The Heavy version is very slow and goes in a very narrow sharp angle.

In its original appearance, the Yoga Spear was usable on the ground as well as in the air.

Dhalsim also possesses a similar attack known as the Yoga Mummy.


To get the most out of this move, it is best to use this move as low to the ground as possible to avoid getting punished. It is most effective when Dhalsim aims this move at the tip of your opponent's feet. This provides the safest approach and gives Dhalsim an advantageous postion when he lands. On block IT can get somewhere between +6 and +8 frames of advantage. This is an amazing pressure tool for Dhalsim when used effectively, and its an important skill for Dhalsim players to learn to improve their mobility and pressure game.

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