"This is my ultimate move, the Yoroi-Doushi!"
Ibuki in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
"Get ready! Yoroii...toshi! (覚悟して! 鎧ー…通し! Kakugo shite! Yoroii...doushi!?)"

Ibuki performing Yoroitoshi on Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter IV.

The Yoroitoshi (鎧通し Yoroitooshi?, "Armor Piercer"), also written as Yoroi-Doushi, is one of Ibuki's special attacks, it first appeared as her second Super Art in the Street Fighter III series and later returned as her Ultra Combo in Super Street Fighter IV. This move is Ibuki's only ground projectile (if the grab was unsuccessful).

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter III series Super Art II Arcade Stick QCFArcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch
Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Combo I Arcade Stick HCBArcade Stick HCB + Arcade Button Punch x3
Street Fighter X Tekken Super Art Arcade Stick HCB + Arcade Button Punch x3
Ibuki(Yoroitoshi) 501
Ibuki(Yoroidushi) 250


Street Fighter IIIEdit

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward? motions and pressing punch, Ibuki manipulates a massive amount of ki, and performs an extra-powerful, unblockable Raida attack on the opponent's torso. If it fails to grab the opponent (e.g. too far away), she extends her arm and fires an orange colored blast that moves about four inches and gets smaller.

Super Street Fighter IVEdit

Executed by performing two backward-half circle motions and pressing all 3 punch buttons, Ibuki performs a Raida; if it connects, she performs a more powerful one using her elbow, instead of her fist, shouting out the attack's name.

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

The above variant is used in Street Fighter X Tekken, where it requires only one half-circle motion; the whiff projectile travels the length of the screen.


Yoroitoshi roughly translates to "Armor Piercer" in English, as shown above, which may refer to the move's unblockable nature. It is also the name of a Japanese dagger-like sword used for just that purpose.



Super Street Fighter 4 - Ibuki Ultra 1 Yoroi Tooshi00:14

Super Street Fighter 4 - Ibuki Ultra 1 Yoroi Tooshi

Yoroitoshi in SSFIV (Japanese voices).

Yoroitoshi SFXT00:09

Yoroitoshi SFXT

Yoroitoshi trial in Street Fighter X Tekken.

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