The Yosokyaku (鷹爪脚 Yousoukyaku?, "Hawk Claw Leg"), also called the Head Stomp, is one of Chun-Li's signature unique attacks. In the Street Fighter IV series, the move is adopted by Seth, with whom it shares the same input. In Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, Yosokyaku is one of Shadow Lady's Unique Attacks, with whom it shares the same input.

All appearances Arcade Modifier Air Arcade-Stick-Down + Sf3 kick medium


Executed by pressing downward and medium kick while airborne, Chun-Li will bring one of her feet downwards, hitting any fighter below. When a fighter is hit, they are usually knocked within range of another Yosokyaku, though it rarely chains over three hits. This attack is well known to be a "panic" move when ground foes prepare to counter-attack Chun-Li, since the move has good range and duration.

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