This is a page listing Yun's references in general pop culture since his debut in Street Fighter III.

Street Fighter Edit

Capcom games Edit

Other video games Edit

  • Justin Weiber from Roshambo Fighter bears a resemblance to Yun.
  • In the parody fighting game Divekick, a character named "Kick" is a parody of Yun.

Comics and Manga Edit

  • Fullmetal Alchemist character Ling Yao shares similarities with Yun; They both have long hair, are skilled at martials arts, have a love for food, have care-free natures, and are (somewhat) of Chinese descent (Ling is from Xing, which is the alternate version of China in the series). They also share the same English voice actor, Todd Haberkorn.

Television and Animations Edit

  • Although he bears some resemblance to Duo Maxwell from the anime series Gundam Wing, Yun may very well have been inspired by the skateboarder named Kien Lieu. Both have long braided ponytails and are skilled at skateboarding.

Music Edit

  • Yun and Yang's theme in all of the Street Fighter III games bear a resemblance to the theme of the James Bond movies. The 3rd Strike version is the most similar.