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Street Fighter III seriesEdit

New GenerationEdit

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2nd ImpactEdit

Rival DialougeEdit


Urien: "Chinese Kung Fu means nothing to me. You should be my soldier!"

Yun: "A soldier? Me? Not if I have to wear one of those!"


Yun: "Yang's my final opponent?! Then my journey is at an end..."

Yang: "Come on, brother! We'll set forth on a new journey together!"

Win quotesEdit

  • "It's only natural you lost. Rest now."
  • "I've shown you the best moves I've got... the best Kung Fu in the whole world!"
  • "Everyone expects the true Kung Fu master will win."
  • "Hey you! The one with the weak moves! Are you still alive?"
  • "I can't bear to watch your moves. They're too un-cool for words!"
  • "I never imagined I could have a hard fight... Maybe I don't imagine enough, but who cares?"
  • "Things end too quickly these days. I barely got started!"

Character-specific winquotesEdit

  • "I've seen a statue of you somewhere... in a temple?"
  • "A boar like you will never beat me! I'm too good!"
  • "You're a real gentleman? I don't think so!"
  • "Come on! Stand up! We're still friends, right?"
  • "HEY! Ninja wimp! You are SO cute! ...Not!"
  • "The only true dragons are the followers of Chinese Kung Fu!"
  • "You're such a freak ! What are you made of? Rubber?"
  • "You're the freakiest old man I've ever met... I thought this was a fight, not a horror movie!"
  • "You're a pretty good fighter. But pretty good will never beat the best! I'm so happy!"
  • "What's shakin', small fry? Or is it "Vegetable Head?""
  • "Bad boys must be punished! But I'll punish you first, "Iron Freak!""
  • "Don't be so angry! If you're so sully, all your little friends will call you Mr. Sully!"
  • "Do you skate as badly as you fight? Would you like a rematch on skateboards?"

You HouEdit

  • "Your jaw! Did I break it with my You-hou?"
  • "Finishing with one You-hou! That's such a great feeling!"

Sourai RengekiEdit

  • "My Sourai-rengeki is a cool move, eh?"
  • "My Sourai-rengeki can't be stopped!"

Genei JinEdit

  • "Learning to avoid is an essential skill... Although you can't escape my Genei-jin..."
  • "Genei-jin is too fast to be seen! Perhaps you should just sit there and let me hit you!"

3rd StrikeEdit

Win-quotes (generic)Edit

  • "I see why you lost... You weren't having any fun during the fight!"
  • "Now you're always afraid of things falling on you from above? Sorry!"
  • "I'd rather rave than misbehave! Later!"
  • "Don't you know it's rude to ask your opponent to let you win a round?!"
  • "My skateboard isn't a stretcher, but it'll get you to the hospital!"
  • "Perhaps you'd prefer to challenge me at a skateboarding game?"
  • "Cheap? I paid a lot for this hat!"
  • "My style may change, but the outcome is always the same. I win. You lose!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2Edit

Before Finals Edit

  • "Quick and simple is the way to the best fight!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Prepare for the battle, prepare for the war!"
  • "I have been waiting for this battle for a long time!"
  • "What if this is as good as it gets?!"
  • "You're not a bad fighter, I am just a better fighter!"
  • "I will be the best in the world!"
  • "Beating you was as easy as one, two, three!"
  • "When you're young everything is easy!"
  • "Challenge is only a matter of perspectives!"

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs Dee JayEdit

Pre-battle Edit

Dee Jay: Hey, boys! You got any business with Dee Jay?

Yun: You! Didn't you work with Fei Long? So you know him!? You know where he is!?

Dee Jay: Cool down! Don't be in a hurry! You gotta lay down the rhythm before the words! Let's rumble!

Post-battle Edit

Dee Jay: You're strong! I'm the loser, man! Why are you chasin' Fei Long? C'mon, boys! Tell me!

Yun: We heard a suspicious rumor that he's in with drug dealers!

Dee Jay: Fei Long is a nice guy! There is no way he is a criminal! I don't know where he is now... but I do know where he's going! He's off to a place where strong fighters gather. You know where!

Vs Fei LongEdit

Pre-battle Edit

Yun: We found you... Fei Long! This is where you practice! We knew you'd come back here!

Fei Long: What do you want? I suppose you're members of Shadaloo!

Yun: Huh? Before you start spouting off accusations, let's fight! I'm not going to waste my time asking a coward questions!

Fei Long: This is a misunderstanding... But fine! Let's fight! You have no business sticking your nose into my work!

Post-battle Edit

Yun: I don't get it... there's nothing in your hands! What kind of connection to drugs are they talking about?

Fei Long: It is true that there were drug dealings in my offices. I didn't know about them... It was a group behind the scenes. I went out alone to find the truth and chase down Shadaloo.

Yun: I can tell you aren't lying just by looking into your eyes. If that's the truth, then I have nothing left to say... Hong Kong is our town. We can't forgive criminals ruining it!

Fei Long: We have the same spirit. Let's fight this battle together!

Vs Juli and JuniEdit

Pre-battle Edit

Fei Long: ...! It seems they have detected our movements! I'll knock out the bouncer! You go fight the female soldiers!

Yun: Hey Hey! I can handle these guys myself!

Fei Long: I said we should work together! That means fight together too! Let's show those guys the real meaning of justice!

Yun: I'll make you even more famous! Let's make history!

Vs M. BisonEdit

Pre-battle Edit

Yun: ...!! Fei Long!!

Bison: The perfect ending for a third-rate actress like Fei Long! C'mon, kid... Finish him off for good! Finish him and join in the infinite power of Shadaloo!

Yun: Don't make me laugh, fool! Get away from Fei Long! Prepare yourself! There won't be a trace of you left after this!

Bison: Fool! You should have accepted my gracious offer! Well, I guess I'll have to ask you to leave... this world!

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Wasn't it clear you were beat even before we started?!"
  • "Been too busy to prepare, I see..."
  • "This is how things usually work out! Where's your arrogance now?"
  • "This is how it's done!"
  • "Maybe you should ask for divine intervention...?"
  • "Next time you pick a fight, be more careful who you choose!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "You should have learned to master the awesome super arts!"
  • "Evil must be eternal..."
  • "What is wrong with the people around here? They're all freaks!"
  • "And I thought that the people from my era were weird!"
  • "Hmm... You remind me of another fighter from around here..."
  • "Aren't you a bit old to try and start a new life?"
  • "The rhythm definitely got you this time!"
  • "Hey! What are you looking at?! You'd better just stay down!!"
  • "I knew it! Your stunts are done with lame wired special effects!"
  • "Aren't you supposed to be a Ninja or something?!"
  • "You remind me of me and my brother for some reason..."
  • "Your only chance was if you had that cheap touch of death..."
  • "I can see why you don't exist in my time..."
  • "Your weapons are useless against a true master of Kung Fu!"
  • "Could you be any more ludicrous? Who dresses like that, anyway?"
  • "You're not a soldier, you're just a street thug!"
  • "Your cheap games and predictions didn't help you one bit!"
  • "I think you're pretty cool for your age, old man!"
  • "Don't copy others, be original like me and my brother!"
  • "Pride will get you nowhere without the skill to back it up!"
  • "The real twin dragons never lose! You're a fake!"
  • "Somehow, I thought you'd be bigger..."

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade EditionEdit


  • "Yahoo! Oh man! I love a good fight!"

Personal ActionEdit

  • "What a bore."
  • "Bring it already."
  • "I expected more from 'ya."
  • "Not bat at all."
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Can't beat me!"
  • "Even Yang is stronger than that."

Round Win Quotes Edit

  • "No problem!"
  • "Joi gin!"
  • "That was pretty cool, huh?"

Prologue Edit

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Yun: Phew! What an adventure! I really get the whole world domination angle? But we gotta admit, we saw a lot of cool places, huh?

Yang: Sure it was fun, Yun. But we're almost home. You better start thinking about an explanation and fast.

Yun: An explanation?

Hoi Mei: Hey! You two! Yun and Yang! What were you thinking just disappearing without telling anyone? Well!?

Yun: Crap! It's Hoi Mei!

Hoi Mei: Don't you run away from me? Hey!

Yang: Alright. *sticks out a leg and trips up Yun*

Yun: *Slides* Come on! Give me a break, Yang! Oh! Ow ow ow! Hey!

Hoi Mei: Come with me, young man! You're uncles are gonna have a word with you!

Yun: Ow ow ow! Dang! Hey! That smarts!

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "No rematch today, pal!"
  • "You ran out of steam that fast? Lame!"
  • "Man, I'm hungry. I could go for some meat buns right now..."
  • "Close, but no cigar!"
  • "You should try skateboarding! It does wonders for your balance.
  • "Cheap? Do you know how much I paid for this cap!?"
  • "Whatta waste of time! I want those 10 minutes back!"
  • "The secret to my success? Limitless talent."
  • "I'd better get back home soon or gramps will kill me!"
  • "Did you really think you'd win?"
  • "Time to hit the streets! Later, loser!"

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "You're strong, but geez... That's a face only a mother could love!"
  • "All you do is talk about money, dude. Don't you have any friends?"
  • "What on earth do you eat to get your skin that color? Pickled eggs?"
  • "Catch you off guard? A good fighter always has an ace up his sleeve!"
  • "Cool! I betcha you can even fly if you upgrade those boots of yours."
  • "Taunting even while losing... Man, I respect that in a fighter."
  • "I like your energy, man, but do us both a favor and shut up while fighting."
  • "Ha ha! You weren't holding back because I'm "just a kid," were ya?"
  • "So sumo is all about getting big and fat to win? That sounds pretty easy!"
  • "Sorry pal. I only eat Chinese food."
  • "Hey, are you Fei Long!? Duuuude! I'm so telling Yang about this!"
  • "You got some real fists of fury for an old man!"
  • "You're strong for an old-timer! Guess I gotta work out more!"
  • "Do all you army dudes have that haircut? Can you fit a helmet over it?"
  • "Back off, chump! This is a clean shirt!"
  • "That fight left a bad taste in my mouth. Weirdo..."
  • "That's it? I expected more from the champ!"
  • "Glad that's over! You need to dial the intensity levels down a few notches!"
  • "You don't have the speed or moves to beat me, but you're not bad overall."
  • "Never faced anyone like that before!"
  • "No matter how fast your little legs will propel you, you can't beat me!"
  • "Phew, that was a close one! I don't even feel like a winner!"
  • "So, do you shave your head or did you go bald naturally?"
  • "Don't bother copying my moves. You don't have the style to pull it off."
  • "You look young, but you talk like an old geezer."
  • "You got your facts wrong, dude. Strength and beauty aren't connected at all."
  • "We're not done, bro! Get up!"


  • "When you cover your face like that, it only makes me want to see it more."
  • "I'll admit that getting thrown around was kind of an adrenaline rush!"
  • "If you lost to a kid, how do you ever expect to rule over a whole country?"

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