Yuriko Hibiki (火引 百合子 Hibiki Yuriko?) is a character appearing in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. She is the younger sister of Dan Hibiki in the Marvel vs. Capcom continuity.

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Yuriko resembles an average Japanese schoolgirl. She wears a school uniform and has her hair in long braids.

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Yuriko is described as being good-hearted and curious. She cares a lot about her free-spirited brother, and snuck out to follow him in secret on his journey around the world to spread Saikyo-ryu. However, she does not like fighting at all, and wishes her brother would calm down. Despite this, she admires her brother's talent for business, and would like to start her own mail-order website someday. When not chasing after Dan, she focuses on her student life, and plays on a softball team as a pitcher.

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Shortly before the events of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Dan left to journey around the world in order to promote Saikyo-ryu. Yuriko snuck out after him, following him around in secret on his travels.

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Edit

Yuriko appears in Dan's ending in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, stopping him as he is about to finish off Cyber-Akuma, revealing something about Akuma's connection to the two siblings (possibly the fact that he is their father).

Trivia Edit

  • Yuriko's name and design are based off of Yuri Sakazaki from SNK's Art of Fighting series, a nod to the fact that Dan is partially a parody of her brother, Ryo. Her appearance in Dan's ending parodies Ryo's ending in Art of Fighting, in which Yuri rushes in to stop Ryo from killing Mr. Karate, informing him that he is their father.
  • Yuriko's profile on the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute is stated to be representative of a parallel setting to the main Street Fighter series, so it is unknown whether or not Yuriko has an equivalent in the continuity of the mainline games.

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