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In Street Fighter EX3, a group of unnamed characters appear during the credits sequence and in Ace's trial missions. They are referred to as Zako A, Zako B and Zako C in the game's coding, and are playable through cheat devices.

Zako AEdit

A young man with spiky hair who practices karate and has Ryu's moveset. He can perform the Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki.

Zako BEdit

A strong, muscular wrestler with an afro that can perform Zangief's moves, including the Double Lariat and the Spinning Piledriver.

He also closely resembles Hugo and the Andore Family.

Zako CEdit

A young lady with the same attacks as Sharon, such as the Gale Hammer Punch, Bermuda Symphony and the Half Moon Kick.

External linksEdit

Gameplay footage of the Zako characters

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