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In Street Fighter EX3, a group of unnamed characters appear during the credits sequence and in Ace's trial missions. They are referred to as Zako A, Zako B and Zako C in the game's coding, and are playable through cheat devices.

Zako AEdit

A young man with spiky hair who practices karate and has Ryu's moveset. He can perform the Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki.

His hairstyle is very similar to Tetsuo Kato's one, from Fighting Layer, and Allen's one, from Kensei: Sacred Fist.

Zako BEdit

A strong, muscular wrestler with an afro that can perform Zangief's moves, including the Double Lariat and the Spinning Piledriver.

He also closely resembles Hugo and the Andore Family.

Zako CEdit

A young lady with the same attacks as Sharon, such as the Gale Hammer Punch, Bermuda Symphony and the Half Moon Kick

Her hair is of a bob cut similar to Ada Wong from the Resident Evil series and Anna Williams from the Tekken series, her facial structure is similar to that of Jill Valentine from the said game series (however, her's has a mole unlike Jill).

But, she has 3 costumes, but only in palette swaps, one is her main costume that contains a dark, deep red tank top with snakeskin-printed trousers (or pants similar to that of Bryan Fury's from the aformentioned game series), deep brown shoes and gloves.

Her 2nd costume is the same as the 1st but her trousers (or pants) is the same as the former while her tank top became white, the shoes remains the same as the 1st, her arms are covered with matching armbands, her hair becomes ginger and the gloves had studs whose design is similar to Kazuya Mishima's and Jin Kazama's from the former game series and Ken "Godhand" Mishima's from Ehrgeiz. 

And finally, her 3rd costume had gone much changes in contrast to the former 2nd: Her top becomes yellow, trousers becomes dark blue, shoes remained still as the former, her hair becomes blueish black and has a brassiere on the back while her 3rd costume's colour scheme makes a similarity to the costume of Coraline. A fictional character created by Neil Gaiman for the book of the same name, created by himself. 


External linksEdit

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