Master Zeku (是空師匠 / ゼクウししょう Zekū-shishō?) is a non-playable character first appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 2 he is the upcoming final Season 2 DLC character for “Street Fighter 5”.


Zeku was the 38th Successor of the Bushinryu Ninjutsu school. He became the Grandmaster after defeating his former teacher Genryusai, but refused to kill him[citation needed] as the Bushinryu commandments deemed because he saw him as a father. Although the Genryusai focused on Ninjutsu, Zeku improved the style by incorporating a variety of Taijutsu techniques on it.[1]

Zeku then became the teacher of Guy, and taught the young Japanese-American ninja all he knew. Eventually he and his student would battle to see if Guy was worthy of being the 39th Successor of the Bushinryu school. Guy won, but like Zeku before him, he didn't kill him.[citation needed] Zeku was proud of his disciple and ordained him the 39th Successor of Bushinryu Ninpo. He then disappeared and was never seen again.



  • In the UDON comics, Zeku is portrayed with a moustache.
  • Despite his connection to Guy and the Bushinryu style, Zeku never actually appeared in the Final Fight series.


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